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Happy Friday

photo by Jack Bocchino

photo by Jack Bocchino, Nelson NY, 10-10-15

Just a few things to wrap up the week here at KG Central–

In case you missed the original broadcast of our session on NPR’s World Cafe this past Tuesday, you can still hear it here:

Since the guy in the mailroom has the weekend off for a trip to Pennsylvaniaha ha, shipping of sponsor t-shirts will resume on Monday. Thank you for your patience! 

If you were not a sponsor and would like to purchase a  Long Gone Time shirt, take a gander at them here:

Available in men’s and women’s styles, in a soft cotton blend, in either black or heather brown.

Tomorrow night, Saturday Oct. 24, catch Ron Eoff, Paul Griffith, and me, in trio formation as the legendary Gene Shay presents us at Landhaven, near Barto, PA. More info here:

Next Friday, October 30, we’ll be back at the Family Wash–with Ron, Paul, and Joe V. McMahan. 9pm.

So, enough about music: what are you reading these days? I’m about halfway through Vol. 2 of Karl Ove Knausgaard‘s “My Struggle”.  Just when I think things are getting a little flat, it erupts all over again. This is a personal connection for me–I’m finding a lot of parallels between the narrator’s life and my own. Not that that makes it a better book . . . anyway, it’s 6 volumes and 3500 pages total . . . that’s quite a commitment, but I think I’m in for the duration.

See you soon–have a great weekend, if you wanna . . .



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KG on World Cafe airs Tuesday/Landhaven/Music City Roots

Hope you’re having a great weekend watching those temps fall, my fellow northern hemispherians. (No, I don’t think that’s a word either, but you know what I mean.) Before I get started finishing my ’14 income taxes, (no, I’m not joking) I thought I’d sit down in front of the warm glow of the iMac and let […]

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Three dollars and change

Pardon the lack of the usual formatting. My current mobile computing setup of an iPad+bluetooth keyboard is possessed yet again, and might possibly be on its way out of the 5th floor window behind me at any moment.  Anyway, on with it: Sometimes I need to be hit upside the head. Sometimes I don’t know […]

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