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KG This Week: On the Road With Todd Snider

Bell Biv DeVoe (painting by Chuckie Williams) check my gear choices for the tour this week

Monday, Feb. 11, 2019



While sitting in the waiting room of the emergency vet clinic last night, I had plenty of time to think. Pearl the dog and I have been involved two outta-nowhere dog fights in as many weeks, while on our daily walks, minding our own business. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries to canines or humans in either case, though she started limping yesterday and was obviously in some pain so we took her in. She’s currently enjoying some pain meds while semi-zonked on the sofa; I’m treating my hands with fizzy splashes of hydrogen peroxide and an occasional coat of neosporin, and things are looking better all around. So, though I did not attend those Grammys, the show (though secondary to Pearl) was on my mind. Congratulations to all the winners, and to the nominees, especially those from the “home (Nashville) team.” I think those of us who find ourselves in the “Americana” world consider the mere inclusion of the category in the awards to be a big step towards greater mainstream exposure—which is indeed a good thing. As long as the music stays real . . . .

Some years ago, my friend Gwil Owen and I had a song (“Flowers”) on a Grammy-winning record, After The Rain, by the great Irma Thomas from New Orleans. I found out not very long ago that I coulda gotten one of those little statues—I just had no idea at the time, and it didn’t occur to me to ask. I could’ve put it next to my participation trophy from 5th grade football (best bench-warmer, ha), the science fair ribbons (biorhythms and holograms), and a couple of diplomas. I don’t mean to make light of the award; it would be by far the standout among my visual displays of personal accomplishment, most all of which are, in reality, either hidden away or have been lost somewhere to an attic back in time. (Well, yeah, there are those records I make, of course. I’m just talking statuary and such.) Most of y’all know me well enough by now to know that it’s not the trophy that matters to me. I’m still just thrilled that Irma cut our song!

I’m very excited to be getting on a tour bus early tomorrow morning, joining my insanely talented friend Todd Snider for a string of dates. I’ll be opening solo. Todd has a new record coming out soon, Cash Cabin Sessions Vol. 3; you can hear/download a track here: I love opening shows for Todd; his audiences get it—they listen, but it still feels rock n’ roll to me—a kind of raucous, irreverent vibe that makes real fun (and real music!) possible. Here are the dates/locations; as ever, check out venue sites for more information:







(Many more KG dates will be added to the tour cal soon, and I’ll be joining Todd for another tour in June.)

I had a great time talking with Luke Levenson from Rolling Stone Country yesterday, recording an interview for his new podcast Eastbound Nashville. And hey—it’s up on the net today, for your listening pleasure. Fresh, baby! Here’s the link:

Hope you enjoy Luke’s insightful questions and my over-caffeinated babbling. 

Since I have about 300 things to get done before leaving town, I’m going to close here for now. Hope to see you in person this week, if you happen to find yourself in one of the cities where we’ll be. Have a great week! I’ll stay in touch from the road.




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Thacker Mountain Radio / On Tour with Todd Snider / 30-A Fest

Greetings from here, the tail end of January; hard to believe. Seems like I was just in London, spilling fabulously expensive red wine on someone’s fabulously expensive carpet (on New Year’s Eve) as we were leaving the party; my way of putting a cap on the festivities, I suppose. Oops. It’s always come a little too naturally to me to play the “ugly American”–though our hosts that evening were extremely gracious, despite my being absolutely ZERO help with the world geography quiz. Since getting home a few days later, it’s been a pretty chill opening to the new year—but I have a few gigs coming up, and thought I’d spread the word:

This Thursday, January 31, you’ll find me in quartet formation (w/Joe V. McMahan, Ron Eoff, and Joshua Hunt), playing the awesome Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, at Off Square Books in Oxford, MS. It’s broadcast live on Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and we close the show—you’ll get three or four songs from us. In addition to the live broadcast Thursday at 6:00 p.m. CST, it’s also rebroadcast on Saturday at 7 pm on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. If you’re attending live and in person, admission is free. For those of you off in the distance–tune in! It’s been a long time since I’ve played this show and it’s always been a great experience. 

Then, starting on February 12, I’ll be opening several shows for the mighty Todd Snider, who I’m proud to count among my friends. All the dates should be on my schedule, as well as his; of course always follow up with a visit to the venue’s site, for any show you’re thinking about attending. I’ll be on the tour bus for this one, and man am I ever relieved that I don’t have to pilot the minivan on this one. Always a blast touring with Todd—hope to see you out there! You can find my schedule at  

 It’s twenty degrees or so outside today, and though I thoroughly loved playing the 10th Annual 30-A Songwriters Festival down in Florida recently, I tell ya: it was pretty chilly down there too. But I got to hear a few of my favorite people/artists, in addition to playing two rounds with great folks (Will Stewart, Korby Lenker, and Ryan Culwell) and conducting a workshop on Sunday morning at 10am: one night my pal Aaron Lee Tasjan was blowing the roof off the place around the corner from where I was staying; the next night I heard John Fullbright, my friend Amy McCarley (who has a fabulous new album produced by Kenny Vaughn coming out soon), and later that same night(night of the full/blood/wolf moon), the astounding Darrell Scott. After Darrell’s set we all stood in the parking lot looking straight up at the odd red circle up there among the stars, while a fellow who may be a full-time wanderer in this world recited poetry to us out loud. It’s the strange little moments like this that I love about traveling. Anyway, thanks to festival producer Russell Carter, his staff, and all of the extra-helpful staff and volunteers at the venues who helped load gear in and out, sell merch, etc. And I can probably speak for at least a few of my fellow troubadours when I say that we do notice these “little” things, and appreciate them very much.

Yes, in case you’re wondering, I still have a few copies of my latest release, Tilt and Shine, recently ranked #2 in Paste’s Top Ten Roots and Blues Albums of 2018, available for purchase:

CDs and Vinyl LPs:

Digital downloads & streaming: Well, you know. All those usual places.

I’ll spare you another childhood tale today–though that last one was fun to write; some things in there I hadn’t thought about in years. I’ll ramble on again sometime soon. Thanks for reading!

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