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room, where it’s about 80% chaos. Guitars, amps, records, books, stuff that doesn’t work anymore “but might be worth something” . . . my version of the man cave/storage unit/writing room, as of now. Been fooling around back here late at night, (not) writing songs, recording some covers very informally (we’re talking cell phone voice memos app) just as a way of practicing, and literally facing the music when playing the recording back. This one kinda stuck out to me, so I thought I would share it with you. You can find it here:

I’ll also put it right here:


It’s an early song by Muddy Waters . . . sacred ground for me, and I always hesitate to even attempt to cover something he wrote or otherwise recorded, but this was meant for just practice. I’ve had his version in my head a lot lately, so thought I’d tear into it and see what happened. An imperfect rendering, certainly, but, hey, I was feelin’ it. Just thought you might enjoy sticking your head in the door for a few minutes.

I’ll be playing an early show at the 5 Spot here in my neighborhood on Father’s Day, June 19, with my extraordinarily talented friend Ray Bonneville. Hitting the road again in early July–check the tour page for details!


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One More for May

Just a short one here, letting those of you who’ll be in Nashville tomorrow(Thursday, May 26) that I’ll be wrapping up my early show residency at the 5 Spot, here on the east side, from 6 to 8 pm. Kevin Gordon will open the show solo. Then I’ll close the show with my band o’ the week: Joshua Hunt, Dave Jacques, and Joe V. McMahan. Hope you can join us!


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Little Friday Note

Happy Friday, everyone–it’s been raining cats, dogs, and other heavier members of the animal kingdom here in Nashville; been a busy week, and I confess my spirit, body, and mind are not exactly fired up about a big long day clicking and typing on my various devices in the name of work. Whenever I find myself descending […]

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Journal Scraps: Friday Morning

8:26am This morning’s garish sunlight glares off of my neighbor’s east wall, making the blue siding on her house look gray, filling the room where I sit with reflected light. Earlier: cool air sifting through my ragged blue-green plaid shirt and the dew still pebbling the grass blades and glossing the tree limbs when I […]

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