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For those of you wandering over here after downloading tracks or just seeing the feature on NoiseTrade, thanks for coming by. I post here not as frequently as the marketing department says I should, and the same goes (to a greater extreme) with email–possibly once a month. That’ll pick up a little as we get closer to releasing the new record–but fear not, spam-averse music lovers (who just supplied your email address in exchange for 40 minutes of 4/4 time); I try not to talk unless I have something to say.

I’m doing a residency over at The 5 Spot, here in my beloved 37206, on the first 3 Thursdays in May: the 7th, 14th, 21st. Each easily divisible by 7, and easy on the wallet. 6-8pm; if you’re in town, come on down. Til then I’ll be out on the interstate practicing my driving skills again; special focus on evasive maneuvers. Or around the house here, banging on shit that’s broken, in the vain hope that through divining some mystical combo platter of profanity-chant and sweat and dumb luck, all will be made right and good around “the estate.”  On an unrelated note (ha ha), though I’m not playing it this year, you just might find me in New Orleans next week during Jazz Fest.

Happy Thursday–



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Spring 2015 Update

In case you missed my email yesterday–

Spring 2015 Update

Upcoming shows:
Sat. April 11 Chicago IL (Black Dog House Concert!)
Thu. May 7 Nashville TN
See the tour page for details–

Dear friends,

February and March were busy out there on the asphalt and on the stage for the smart-ass pictured here on the right; the International Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City once again proved my belief that the only thing stranger than the music business is the folk music business. But I had a great time, made some new friends and reconnected with several old ones, playing in hotel rooms at 2 a.m. and otherwise loitering in the hallways.

In early March I had the great fortune of opening a week of Todd Snider solo shows–thanks so much to all of you Todd fans who listened, applauded, yelled, and bought stuff! I ventured into towns I’d never played in Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. Except for the miles, it was big fun.

I recently returned from a two-week jaunt to Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, starting the tour with 10 shows in 5 days in Austin, during the annual South by Southwest music biz conference/festival. I was so busy I didn’t get any enchiladas, migas, or breakfast tacos . . . but again, played some fantastic shows (the Sun Radio day party, WOW!) and made new friends. After my short set at Leann Atherton’s Full Moon Barn Dance on that Sunday, a guy from Gary Nicholson‘s band (who were on right before me) came right up on the stage and told me how much he enjoyed my set . . . I didn’t recognize him til I asked his name–it was Derek O’Brien, legendary blues guitarist who I used to see in various bands at the original Antone’s, way back when. One of my favorite players, ever, and I told him so. Quite a little moment for me. I got to sit in with Ray Bonneville THREE times during the week; Gurf Morlix joined us for one of them. I suppose from my experiences playing with Todd Snider over the last few years I’ve gotten used to the idea of playing songs I haven’t heard before, in front of lots of people! It was a real honor, and you Ray B. fans seemed to dig what we were puttin’ down.  I hope to make it back to south Texas very soon. Stay tuned.

After Texas, I traveled to Clarksdale, Mississippi, and spent three days visiting with friends there, a town both tourist-friendly and starkly mysterious. Got to know Bill Bowker, music director at the mighty KRSH-FM in Santa Rosa, CA, who was in town with his family. I bought a 5-foot long driftwood carving of an anaconda from a guy named Dr. Dingo; you don’t get to say that every day. Played a really fun show there at Stan Street‘s Hambone Gallery w/my friend and tour partner Amy McCarley, who celebrated her birthday that night. We finished the tour in the town where I grew up, Monroe, LA, at Enoch’s Pub, operated for decades by my dear friends the Jeter family. Great to play again for the hometown folks, and I thank y’all for giving Amy such a warm welcome.

For those of you just getting to know me, watch for an upcoming feature on yours truly, over at NoiseTrade, beginning April 23. We’re putting together a sampler of tracks from the last few records, plus maybe an unreleased oddity or two.

Yes, Virginia, there IS a new record–we’ve had to push the release date back, but it is on the way. Sponsors, I’ll drop you a more detailed update over on the exclusive sponsor page at And though I did “officially” end the sponsorship campaign a while back, it seems that the PayPal buttons are still up and functioning, so go ahead, take that last chance for romance–find out more at:  
We’ll give it another couple of weeks . . .

Thanks, as ever, for your support!


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My kind of town

Chicago! Or…“shi-CAR-go“, as my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Batten used to say. No matter how you say it, I’m proud to be returning to one of my favorite cities this Satuday, , to play a Black Dog House Concert! My very talented friend from Alabama, Amy McCarley, opens. Thanks, as ever, to Mark Gerking for […]

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SXSW 2015

Yep, like lambs to the slaughter, I along w/several thousand others have made the trip to beautiful overcrowded Austin, TX for South by Southwest. I’ve had a great time–especially yesterday, getting to sit in twice with my friend Ray Bonneville; we were joined the 2nd time by Gurf Morlix. To hear these guys is such […]

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