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Short but long overdue

dog note

miscellaneous found note, from my March travels

Jeeeez, it’s been THAT long since I’ve posted here? Oops. Social media professionals everywhere are frowning with mild disgust, I’m sure. Well, what can I say but I’m sorry–I’ve been too busy living to sit down and tell you about it! Yes, must do better job at integrating posting-about-what-I’m-doing with what I’m doing.

So, what’s up? Well, knock on wood, I’ve been writing again like a fiend–and I’m fairly happy with the results so far. Might do a couple of the newer new ones at my shows this weekend–Route 33 Rhythm & Brews in Wapakoneta, OH on Friday; Black Dog House Concert in Chicago on Saturday.  Check the tour page for details.

April this time around is unfortunately a slow month for touring–though I can practically hear the van out there (at 289,000 miles) sighing in relief–and I’m still looking for shows in May and June (and beyond!). One May highlight will be the quartet’s return to WorkPlay in Birmingham, AL, on Tuesday May 6. My pal and terrific singer-songwriter Amy McCarley will open this Writer’s Share series show. 

More news coming, sooner rather than later. Really!




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Before the hard drive dies, an update


Wimberley, TX

Wimberley, TX


The old MacBook Pro here is making rumbling sounds similar to those you might hear after you’ve eaten something gone bad . . . I know the phenomenon well–it means the hard drive is about to sail on to that great electronics recycling bin in the sky. Maybe luck is on my side and I’ll at least get this post up–I am also traveling with an iPad, but if you have ever tried editing a post on a touch screen, you know the special rage that develops when you put your guitar-playing(calloused) finger(s) on one line of text and the cursor thinks it’s the spot 5 lines up and 2 inches to the left that you really want, consistently.  Yep, very much a first-world problem, I know. Anyway, time’s wasting; hard drive’s spinning …

I’ve had a fine time running the roads in Louisiana and Texas. Thanks to all who’ve come out to the shows, and to the wonderful friends who’ve hosted me for a night or three. I’ll be easing up to Oklahoma for two shows this weekend–Saturday night I’ll be in OK City at The Blue Door, opening for my friend Rod Picott; Sunday, Rod and I will be playing a house concert presented by Scott Aycock at Studio Soul in Tulsa. Hard to believe, but this will be my first show in OK City, and only my second in T-town. (Check the tour page for the details, ladies and gents.)Looking forward to it. Monday I’ll be steering the sled east towards home, where I hope Spring has finally found Nashville. Happy vernal equinox, everybody! (Sounds slightly dirty, doesn’t it? Okay, maybe it’s just me!)

Thanks for your ongoing support of the sponsorship campaign–despite Stealth Marketing‘s usual “subtle” approach, ha ha, you’re still signing up–much appreciated. And the songs keep coming, hoorah.



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Springtime in Texas / Stream My Show Live Tonight

Dear friends, I woke up in Texas this morning, and it’s looking and feeling a lot like Spring, at last. I play the first of 4 shows in Austin tonight at 7pm CST, at G & S Lounge (Main Bar), part of an “East Nashville Special” night presented by NotSXSW mastermind John Conquest. And the best part of this news is: if you can’t be there […]

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Upcoming Shows, Orange Couch w/Webb Wilder, and more!

Greetings, friends–a quick update on what’s coming up on the calendar: THIS Thursday, 2/27, 2pm CST, you’ll find me on the Orange Couch, talking with the Last of the Full Grown Men, Webb Wilder!   Here’s a link where you can get a ticket and watch it all go down live on Thursday: A note […]

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