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Bandcamp Exclusive: Live at Family Wash now available!

Hi friends,

An update to my last post:  I dropped a fresh release on my Bandcamp site yesterday. A number of you have urged me (for years) to release the Family Wash show from October 2015— in a rare spontaneous mood, after a few quick edits, it’s now available for download. So, if you’ve been waiting, go get it! Even if you haven’t been waiting . . . . It’s a snapshot of a time and place I miss. Not pristine high-fidelity. A live recording of me and the band, definitely taking some of the familiar material a bit out there. You can stream most of it there at to get a little taste of the whole enchilada. Enjoy! And, as ever, your feedback is welcome and appreciated:





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KG Update: New Video Interview / Upcoming Stageit Livestream!

Hello from a thankfully air-conditioned and relatively mosquito-free room! May this find you well. I’m fair to middlin’, myself. Working on some new songs, playing guitars, plotting and scheming for a better year in 2022. This one is better than the last, no doubt, but seeing festivals get shut down again and more people getting […]

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