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February Update: Midwest tour starts tomorrow / new live track


Happy February greetings, friends and lurkers:

I hope this finds you well and warm. I’m just reaching the end of my 2nd cup of coffee, essential fluid for morning data processing and pro-active motivation and motor-vation (there’s an oil change and tire rotation in my very near future). Laundry is, as ever, in progress; the washing machine is on spin, so there’s a chorus of old window frames (un)steadily rattling in percussive harmony all over the house. It’s been good to be home for a week, after having such a great time down in Louisiana with my fellow singing-songwriting pals Ben De La Cour and Chris Watts. Despite a temporary over-indulgence in drive-thru daiquiris (a uniquely Louisiana phenomenon) and fried seafood, there were no arrests, and the things we did not get arrested for I will not mention here. This is a family show, after all. Moving right along: a few things on my mind–

Tomorrow begins a new solo tour, in Cape Girardeau, MO; I’ll be going on up to St. Louis Wednesday, Iowa City, IA on Thursday, Ankeny, IA(Des Moines) on Friday, Loomis, NE on Sunday. Then back to that very romantic destination, the house of love that is Byron’s in Pomeroy IA, for a special Valentine’s Day show where I’ll play only Frank Sinatra covers. (Just kidding: only Bob Dylan would do that to ya, and actually, yeah, those songs are spectacular; that’s why Bob’s doing them.) Down to Little Rock, AR on 2/16 (a world away, but a straighter shot travel-wise than I ever imagined), and, just added: a final show in Cobden, IL on Friday 2/17. As ever, check out the tour page for details, check in with venues before traveling long distances–and let’s all hope for unseasonably pleasant Midwestern weather, shall we?


I don’t buy a lot of guitars, because it’s not exactly in the budget, and also I don’t have room. But about a year ago I brought this new old baby into my world, a 1954 Gibson T-50(?) electric tenor guitar. Since I’m traveling solo, I’ve got room in the van, so I’m going to bring it along with me tomorrow. I’ve only played it at a show once; looking forward to trying it again. I had a hard time getting my head around the idea that fewer strings could lead to more musical options/fewer limitations, but it seems true, to me at least.

I quietly slipped an unreleased live track on my Facebook music page last week. For those of who don’t do the FB, you can now stream it via the “Ends & Odds” page at At some point I may decide to offer some of these recordings for sale via download, but for now, I’ll just drop a sample now and then.

Yes, I have quite a stack of reading material going, and a few more books have come out of the bookcase, or arrived in the mail, lately: Mary Oliver‘s “Upstream”(thanks, Rick!), Frank O’Hara‘s Selected Poems, Mary Ruefle‘s “Madness, Rack, and Honey”(collected lectures), and Seamus Heaney‘s translation of “Diary of One Who Vanished”(thanks, Kerry!). All this and more: a personal defense against those alternative facts, imaginary massacres, and the current “bigly” strangeness . . . SAD! (ha ha)

Long Gone Time sponsors: It has indeed been a long time–watch your inbox for a separate message from yours truly.

Hope to see you somewhere along the route over the next several days–it’s always more fun with you than without!






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Back to the Boot / 30-A wrap up / Recording Update



This week I’m pleased to be heading south with two amazing Nashville songwriter friends who also happen to have Louisiana roots, Ben De La Cour and Chris Watts. It’s the “Back to the Boot” tour! We’ll be playing Humphrey’s in Huntsville, AL on Wednesday (1/25), the Brass Monkey in Shreveport LA on Thursday (1/26), Spirits in Alexandria LA on Friday (1/27), and wind it up at my old stompin’ grounds, Enoch’s in Monroe LA, on Saturday (1/28). Check with venues and/or my tour dates page for details. Gonna be a hoot! And hopefully there will be no arrests nor major injuries in the process. I’ll be heading back to the Midwest in February too, since it’s so beautiful there this time of year, ha ha. Stay tuned for details. But included are stops in St. Louis, Iowa City, Ankeny (Iowa), and Nebraska. After conquering the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington state last month, a little potential slip n’ slide on flatter terrain doesn’t scare me much.

Had a great time in Florida (yeah, hard to imagine that, right?!) playing the 30-A Songwriters Festival; I traded songs with the mighty Peter Case on Friday evening, then on Saturday morning was honored to be a part of the annual “Hair of the Dog Hoot”, with my very talented (and hilarious) pals Jeff Black, Kim Richey, and Lari White. You can see a couple of photos from the Saturday show via my twitter feed:   Of course, you should go ahead and follow me while you’re there—it is a low-threshold commitment, I assure you! Thanks to Russell Carter and all the staff for once again making this festival such a great experience.

I gotta confess: I’m having a hard time getting the year started, and hell, almost 1/12 of it is already gone. Been trying to get back on it this week, with limited results. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, stared at the ceiling, and heard the familiar voice in my head say, “You’re not gonna get it all done”.  Great, self–thanks for the optimism! I’m in one of those phases where I can’t stop and think about it all for very long, or I’ll just freeze. Onward. Speaking of motion and time, thanks for the kind birthday wishes last week! It was a good one (ain’t they all?), if a little quiet.

Recording pre-production update: Joe McMahan and I are now sharing a dropbox folder to which I’ll be uploading rough demos of the new songs. I don’t know if I’m “there” yet, as far as having enough new songs to make an entire record, but I’m close. Strong contenders so far: Right on Time, Gatling GunTempted & Tried, Saint on a Chain. (Yes, there are several others . . . .) I’ll keep you posted . . . thanks, as ever, for your enthusiasm and support!


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30-A Fest / Download SALE / New Record(!)

January 11, 2017 Happy Wednesday from Grand Central Chaos—I’m drinking down a third strong cup and getting a few things done around the estate, none of which involve plumbing, thankfully. Just a short word here to tell you what I’ll be up to over the next few days, and beyond. This weekend I’ll be playing the 30-A […]

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2016: Buh-bye, you’ve been a terrible guest

Two days left in what’s been a singular year for the Dark Side, Obi-Wan. Who knows what’s ahead? (Though I instinctively duck my head when I say that.) All I know to do is keep plowing. And hope for good. And try for better. To love selflessly. To forgive those I love who are by […]

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