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mail order questions

Good morning–a number of you have asked how to order merchandise from the site and not use PayPal. It’s easy: click the “add to cart” button, as if you were using PayPal, and when you’re ready to get your total, go to your cart and use the shipping/tax calculator–this will give you the correct total […]

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new year ramble #1

(Tuesday 1/4/11, 8 a.m.)It’s a pleasure being conscious and mildly caffeinated, though I’m not sure I should be driving this desk quite yet. Tossed and turned last night, 2nd night in a row, and finally got up and took a sedative to go to sleep. Not good when you are needed to function at an […]

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Since Oklahoma and Arkansas

Just found this in my “drafts” folder: Saturday, 12/5/10: I am driving up the Turnpike between Muskogee and Tulsa. Outside I can see the South give way to the West as the landscape begins to flatten, the purple sky opens wide and a deepening orange sun starts to fall behind black silhouetted trees and brush […]

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Just a quick note here–I’m supposed to be loading up the landsled for my journey today to Arkansas and Oklahoma, but instead I’m sitting here typing and clicking, staring into my coffee grounds. I want to tell you about my recent trip to Louisiana, but that will have to wait til the next hotel room. […]

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