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Big Ol’ Update: New Recording Underway / Shows this week: NY & PA / Lydia Peelle


Happy Monday, folks–my seasonal allergies are kicking in; eyes are itchy and so red you’d think I’d been smoking somethin’. Today I’m reducing my expectations to the bare minimum. Therefore–I woke up this morning=victory. Or gratefulness, at least. And because it’s Monday and I find myself a little slow getting out of the gate, I’m leaning on the coffee, just like every other day, but also have allowed myself a 2nd chocolate scone, simply because they are here for the taking. And they are delicious. So: consciousness and basic (albeit nice) sustenance–these things alone are to be celebrated and savored. Though I am still sitting here blank-faced. There are plenty of matters out there in the world to answer to, as an artist, as a citizen, God knows. I think you’d agree, no matter where you get your news, that the collective anxiety level is rising . . . towards what end, we do not yet know. So, personally, after collecting morning updates via various sources on the internet, I turn away: to music, to art, to prayer and meditation: to the “anti-UGH”. Maybe I just need a little hope to cling to, some light coming in from somewhere, even if it’s the red glow from the sign blazing bright over the adult book store across the highway from the motel where I wake up after the midnight hour somewhere and wonder: how the hell did I get here? It’s still light to see by, darkly. May we all find whatever it is we need individually to stay sane, and hold on to it, until the current crazy-train leaves town. I hope this happens before the whole “town” goes up in flames. Used to, I’d take comfort in the old idiom “the truth shall prevail.” Not so much, anymore. At least right now. Here’s an interesting article about a relevant contemporary phenomenon, from The Business Insider:

So, that’s my hopeful bit for Monday! Ha ha! Okay, on to some better news (quickly!). Last week Joe McMahan and I started pre-production meetings/sessions for my next recording project. I don’t want to say much about it, for one reason because so much is still in the abstract–but this one will be a combination of elements from previous records, with some added mystery thrown in. (How’s that for a harsh generalization???:) I should be in politics.) Stay tuned for details. Yes, there will be a crowdfunding/preorder option; all of that is still being put together. One thing that will be different is that the new funding drive will not go on for an extended period of time. Every time I do this, I want to get better at it, and though the extended length of the Long Gone Time campaign did help bring in more needed funds, it also created new challenges, some of which I am still dealing with. Just last Friday I picked up the sponsor “thanks” posters that all of you who were Level 3 and up will be receiving as soon as I can get them out the door. (They look GREAT!) There is an ironic downside to having a successful funding and release campaign: per the goal of the campaign itself, the guy who’s in charge of getting the rewards out to the sponsors (that would be ME) gets BUSY doing what he’s supposed to be doing: playing his songs for more and more people, instead of taking timely care of those who contributed to the effort in the first place. So, I offer my sincere apologies for the delay(s), but please know that I am “on it”, and will get everyone their stuff just as soon as I can. If you have a particular concern, as ever, don’t hesitate to email me directly:

There must be something in the wind (or the White House) that’s causing a recent uptick in sales of the Gloryland record; whatever the reason, thank you for your support. We might be coming out with a new round of those Gloryland shirts too–folks have been asking for them.

I’m back on the road later this week, eating some serious asphalt–playing Swing the Teapot in Floral Park, NY, out on Long Island, this Friday night, March 10. Doors are at 8:30pm; my friend Pete Mancini opens at 9. On Saturday I return at last to Landhaven, in the village of Huff’s Church, PA, one of my favorite places anywhere to play, or to simply be. I’ll be solo (for the first time ever there), so you’ll likely hear some new songs, and even some poems. If you’re anywhere near, I highly recommend this wonderful venue–I’m always in a good mood when I’m there; it has this effect on people!


Unfortunately I will not be making the trip to Austin for SXSW this year. Since Joe and I will be working on the new record, it feels more important to focus on that, instead of having yet another helluva good time and life-affirming experience playing in south Austin. I will certainly miss running into my pals from Austin like Ray Bonneville and Gurf Morlix, fellow troubadours from Nashville I never see except on the road, like Rod Picott, and other friends from all over. So, look for me next year, with a fresh record in hand. On Friday, March 18, I will be playing a show here in Nashville at the Family Wash, with Ron Eoff, Joshua Hunt, and Joe McMahan. My friend the very gifted Jennifer Niceley will open the show. Sure to be a good time–if you’re in town, please join us! Later this month I’ll be back in Louisiana, playing a series of shows celebrating the life and music of my dear friend David Egan. Irma Thomas, Sonny Landreth, Steve Riley, and C.C. Adcock are among the many special guests. For more information on “Sing It!: The David Egan Songbook”, check out the Facebook event page

These days I’ve been listening to Beaver Nelson, Adam Carroll, Jeffrey Foucault, Rhiannon Giddens, and Open Mike Eagle & Paul White. Some of what I’m reading lately: Upstream (selected essays), by Mary Oliver (thank you, Rick Pittman!); Known and Strange Things (essays) by Teju Cole; My Dinner with Ron Jeremy (poems), by Kendra DeColo; Trickster (poems) by Randall Potts; Madness, Rack, and Honey (selected lectures) by Mary Ruefle. Also, though I am embarrassingly late in telling you about it, my friend Lydia Peelle, whose latest novel is titled The Midnight Cool, was recently featured in the “Booknotes” series on the Largehearted Boy blog site, and she included a track from Long Gone Time (“Letter to Shreveport”) in the accompanying playlist. Here’s what she says about the track, the record, and, shucks, about yours truly:

“In my opinion Kevin Gordon’s songwriting is some of the most evocative and hauntingly moving work in Nashville today. In the last year of writing this book, I listened often to his searingly beautiful album, Long Gone Time – especially this track – for the mood, the images and rhythm: simply put, for inspiration.”

Thank you, Lydia! More news soon, everyone. See you out there!






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