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AmericanaFest / KG Northeast Tour starts this week

  Well, here it comes: AmericanaFest. One the best weeks to be in this town for hearing the kinds of music that get tossed into the particularly vague (or, on the sunny side, “broad”) categorical box that is “Americana”. I love seeing fans/friends from out of town/state/country visiting us here, bringing us fresh enthusiasm, and new […]

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September Update: Louisiana Benefits/Miles and miles/CD Sale!

Okay, September, I like you, so far, much better than your predecessor already—it’s been as close to a perfect morning here in middle TN that I’ve seen in many a rising summer sun. Just when I thought that walking-out-into-a-hot-oven feeling would never pass, here comes something merciful. Some days you just feel lucky: I woke […]

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Early August Update: Transitions/Tour Dates/New Songs

Sweltering summer greetings to you– It’s been a productive time, and a time of transition around here–new songs starting to show themselves loud and proud, and a new era around the household begins soon as our daughter Charlotte, 17, starts college in NY this Fall, moving there on the 15th. A time for many many […]

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