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Tour Journal #2 of 2 / December Shows/ Vinyl and More

Hello, friends! First things first: DECEMBER SHOWS: Saturday 12/1: Kelly House Concert in St. Louis. My friend, the uber-talented Steph Graham, joins me once again at one of my very favorite house concert venues! STL, please come on over; I’m always thrilled to play this room. For more info, contact: Friday 12/7: Enoch’s Pub, […]

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Tour Journal #1/ from Goshen, Indiana

Tour Journal #1 8:05 am Best Western, Goshen IN rm. 202 Dark night, literally and otherwise, coaxes up a chilly gray morning; the soft edges of it frame the deep brown curtains across the window. Old-school motel architecture here—2 floors, no elevator. Room doors open on to the balcony/walkway; the rails once painted a daffodil […]

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Internal Monologue, Hotel Hallway, Effingham redux

Has it been two weeks? Same town, different hotel. Brown paisley hallway carpet–nice, if kept in the periphery of one’s vision. Far end of my floor, direction I’m walking, there’s a small window and down there, out on the “landscaped” grounds is a scrawny maple tree, about my height, all a-fire in red leaves, being […]

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Tonight: Chicago! Plus: Vinyl Update

Dear readers, A quick note before beginning load-out of my room here in Effingham IL where the air always seems to contain the soundwash of trucks perennially rolling their eighteen wheels up and down the highway over there, like waves of wind. Doesn’t bug me really. What does bug me: the early, numerous, and heavy […]

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