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Concert Window and a wild weekend

Happy Monday to you–

Going to cut to the chase here–a couple of things you should know about, pronto:

On Wednesday, July 1, at 9pm EST I’ll be playing my first ever Concert Window show, from my dining room! Solo, intimate, up-close-and-personal, that sorta thing. Pay what you choose for a virtual ticket to watch from anywhere in the world, and there will be rewards available in exchange for your tips! And you can ask me questions and make requests. Here’s the link for more info:

We’ll be adding a few more tasty tip rewards between now and showtime.


Yeah, THESE guys:

Joe, Kevin, Paul, Ron, ca.1995

Joe, Kevin, Paul, Ron, ca.1995


This coming weekend finds me on the road, playing two shows with three guys I’ve played music with for 20 years: Ron Eoff, Paul Griffith, and Joe V. McMahan. We’ll be playing one of my favorite festivals, the 34th Annual FitzGerald’s American Music Festival, in Berwyn, IL, on Saturday, July 4, on the club stage at 4pm.  On Sunday, July 5, we’ll be at Natalie’s in Columbus, OH; I played a solo show there back in January of 2014, and it’s a great venue–not just for music–their food is incredible! It’ll be the first time I’ve played Columbus with a full band in 15 yearshow did that happen??? 

Hope to see you out there, somewhere– 

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