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Early December Update

Well, hello, December. And season’s greetings, friends– I’m already getting that Holiday Vertigo kind of feeling–that time, for the next month, is going to pass at what seems like a pedal-down pace, and knock everything (and me) off-balance. May we all make it through, happy and healthy! “Ho ho ho, and all that stuff . . .”

Flash Cyber Monday Sale:  Yes, until 5:59pm CST today you can take 50% off any and all downloads, CDs, shirts, and vinyl, over at  Just enter the code “cybermonday” at checkout.

Shows coming up tomorrow in Nashville, Thursday in Ruston LA. On Saturday December 13 I’ll be at Grayt Grounds in Grayton Beach, FL, with my friend the fine singer/songwriter Amy McCarley.

Procrastinators rejoice: We’re extending the sponsorship campaign til Saturday, December 6–so if you’re not in, you’ve still got a little time. More info:   Yes, ’tis true that it’s been going on a while–but remember, we’re raising funds for not only the recording itself, but for product manufacturing, media promotion, and marketing. This isn’t the “Keep KevGo Alive” campaign, ha ha–all sponsorship dollars go into a special account and are used only for expenses related to the production and promotion of the new release. For your support you receive various gifts, depending on your level of sponsorship. More details in the link above. By the way, I just posted an update yesterday for you current sponsors over on the exclusive sponsor page. At any sponsorship level, you get advance access to updates about the project, posted on that sponsor page.




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