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Gloryland cover iconGloryland PDF booklet available for free download: Includes lyrics to all songs on the record, plus photos not included in the CD packaging. Get it here.


Gloryland, Kevin’s 2012 release, has received stellar reviews in the press. Here are a few samples:

“‘Glorlyand’ [is] an often harrowing tour of the back-roads South with scenes of burning churches, a serio-comic brawl after a ZZ Top concert in Shreveport, La., and — most memorably — the time the Klan showed up when his seventh-grade marching band performed about 90 miles from there in Colfax.”– Peter Applebome, New York Times, February 22, 2012

“Four stars… The sheer brilliance of the lyrics to Colfax/Step in Time alone justifies a top rating for the first album in seven years from this Southern-raised poet/rocker. Gordon sketches a not-so-simple portrait of a junior-high marching band on a bus trip, and every single image feels, tastes, smells and sounds absolutely true.”– Jerry Shriver, USA Today, February 14, 2012

“Dude’s a juke-joint professor emeritus.” (3 1/2 star review)– Wil Hermes, Rolling Stone, March 2, 2012

“Astonishing… He knows exactly how to build and sustain interest in a song… The guitar crackles with electricity, the voice manipulates supple rhythmic shifts to make the words fit the spaces they are given. Here we are reminded that Gordon went to graduate school as a poet. He’s learned a lot from other singers, but his poetry skills are stronger than most in the songwriting game.”– Steve Pick, Blurt Magazine, February 14, 2012

“Four stars… Vivid… [Gordon] tells these Southern-based tales so exquisitely that they resonate with his listeners. ‘Gloryland’ certainly stands as a glorious example of Americana songwriting.”– Mike Berick, American Songwriter, February 14, 2012

“Impressive… nuanced insights set alongside snarling slide guitar, rugged riffs, [and] gospel choruses.”– Mitch Myers, MAGNET, Issue 84

Gloryland CD (CROW4003) Featuring Colfax (the marching band song), and Bus to Shreveport

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