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Ho ho ho and all that stuff/free shipping upgrade/etc


Season’s greetings from a frantic time and place–so much to do, so little time. I’m sure you’re feeling it, too: time, if seen metaphorically as a level floor you’re walking on, has suddenly taken on a sharp downward angle, and you, still in sock-feet, go sliding out of control faster than you thought was possible, dropping a few unwrapped gifts and wishful plans along the way. Will I get it all done? Um, somehow. Will it all be okay? Yes, but not for a few more days. One reason I love Christmas is that finally, yes, we can put our feet up, pause for a little while, and enjoy each other’s company. And all the shopping’s done. (Til the day after.)

Speaking of a few more days: we’ll be shipping any US mail orders via USPS Priority Mail, now through Friday for timely delivery (though check with the postal service to see how much time is needed to get your parcel from here(zip code 37206) to your area.) Select “standard shipping” and we’ll upgrade automatically, no extra charge. We’ll ship same day, if your order is in by 3pm EST.  Gift sponsorships can be purchased anytime; we’ll send an e-card which you can deliver to the lucky recipient however you’d like. More info on the funding campaign and the different levels of sponsorship can be found here:  Sponsors, I’ll be updating you on the project again very soon!

I’ll be on the road this weekend, stopping at two of my favorite venues: The Mill in Iowa City, IA on Saturday(9 pm); and Byron’s, in Pomeroy, IA on Sunday(5 pm show). New songs, old songs–it’s all up for grabs!

May peace be with you and yours.

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