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Ides of March Update: Back from Portland/Little Rock tonight/Monroe, La. this Friday

Neskowin Beach, on Oregon’s Pacific coast


Good evening from the sofa. I’m here with the Mrs. and a snoring (again) dog; I’ve got one eye on Netflix, one here on the “page”. Thinking, thinking. Having some red wine with the kale salad I made (my cooking is, unfortunately for, and unfairly to, my spouse, a rare thing). We’re just back from five days in Portland, Oregon, land of Dean’s Greens, Farma, Potlandia, et al. And current home of our son, whom we went out to visit, along with his darling girlfriend and her fine folks, as well as our daughter Charlotte who flew in on Saturday. We had a great time, though I don’t enjoy airplanes much, (never have) and my current minor spinal troubles sure weren’t helped by even proper posture in an airplane seat for 5-6 hours. But I played a fun show with the amazing Jill Sobule, whom I hadn’t seen in twenty some-odd years, thanks to my dear friend Jim Friscia, one of those “highway angels” touring musicians call on for an occasional miracle, such as, in this case, a show successfully put together and presented with about three weeks’ notice. Had a great visit; bought 6 books in a total of about 15 minutes inside Powell’s, including a so-far wonderful biography of poet James Wright by Jonathan Blunt. Indeed, Mr. Wright’s smiling countenance in the cover photo is staring me down benevolently right now. It’s good to be home. But hey, I’m leaving again tomorrow, and taking a few books with me. 


Thursday night (tonight!), you’ll find me in Little Rock, Arkansas, in view of the state capitol and the railroad line, dishing it out once again at the genuinely fabulous White Water Tavern—my pals The Frontier Circus play at 9; I follow with my very own self. Then on Friday:

LAST-MINUTE SHOW ALERT(gasp)! This Friday, March 16, come on down to the Flying Tiger Brewery in my hometown of Monroe, Louisiana; I’ll be playing an early show from 6 to 8:30ish, delivering songs you know, and some you don’t, including a few from the forthcoming new release, due out this summer. Come on and grind on the groove early, kids. It’s gonna be fun. And then I just might head over to Ruston and sit in with my friend Monty Russell at Ponchatoulas!  

March—a skittish month around here. One morning it’s 29 degrees and there’s snow on the roof, the next it’s 55 by noon and 69 by 3. Nature with its seasonal urges doesn’t quite know what to do. I’ve got less than a week to figure out what to call the new record, as well as figure out the track sequence. Yeah, I know—you’ll sequence it how YOU want, which is fine. But I feel obligated to present it how Joe and I hear it, and then you can do with it what you want. K? Ok. 

PLEDGEMUSIC/CROWD-FUNDING/PRE-SALE/ETC.: Yes yes yes—I keep talking about the Pledgemusic campaign to raise capital to promote/distribute this here new record. Well, I’ve gotten a few emails from folks wanting to help NOW. And, it is true: we need help now, AND later.  And the thing about Pledgemusic is that the artist doesn’t see any of the funds raised until all of the “rewards” have been mailed. Which is not ideal, if you’re looking at paying for manufacturing of CDs (yes, the old technology), vinyl (yes, the even OLDER technology), shirts etc. So, in response, we’re working on a two-tier approach to all this, towards the goal of maintaining a financially solvent status while moving forward, onward, and upward. Stay tuned, please. More info very soon. 

Sorry to post and run, but I’m dragging as usual, trying to get out the door and onto the interstate. Hope to see you out there!




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