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KG Update: Pre-orders close May 31 / Upcoming Shows / Live from Little Hollywood

Hi folks,

Happy Thursday afternoon from Planet Cicada–I’ll soon be walking back to the woodshed to continue prepping for my impromptu gig tonight with my friend Paul Burch and his band WPA Ballclub. If you’re in town, we’ll be at Brown’s Diner, (a rare KG appearance on the WEST side o’ the river, baby!) starting at 7:30. Paul’s one of my favorites, local or otherwise; it’s always an honor and pleasure to sit in with these guys.

If you haven’t jumped in on the pre-order of the new album yet, you still have a little time . . . but the sale closes on May 31. I appreciate all of you who are already “in” on the deal, but we could still use every bit of help we can muster. If you or someone you know would like to join us, here’s a link to the details:

If you have preordered, you should’ve received an email earlier today from me; you can vote for your favorite version of the cover, and you’ll find out the name of the album! Beats the hell out of another Woot! email, right? If you join in, we’ll forward the email(s) to you; voting ends on Monday. Part of the preorder fun is that you have access to exclusive information, and for now I’m teleporting that info to you by email. At some point I’ll consolidate all the info on a page here on my site. Didn’t get the email? Send us a note:

Premiering tomorrow, Friday 5/24, at 8pm CST, check out the latest episode of Live From Little Hollywood; ( I’m the special guest this week, talking about the new rekkid and performing a song from it. Hosts Scot Sax and Gina Frary Bacon lead the charge–check it out!

Check the tour cal here on the site for a list of upcoming shows! See you soon, Newport (KY), Columbus, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester . . . many more coming!



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