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Late September Update: Louisiana this week! / SALE continues!




Hi friends,

Just checking in before getting heading out for this week’s shows. Looking forward to getting back to the homeground–I loved playing the Ogden a few years ago, and I’m excited to be returning, this time with an ace rhythm section in tow–Rick Reed on drums, and Ron Eoff on bass. It should swing, hard. Then on Friday we take it on up the road to my old stomping grounds, Enoch’s in Monroe–this will be the first time I’ve played this Enoch’s location with a band, and I’m fired up to be playing there again. Hope those of you in the vicinity of either of these shows will make it out to hear us. This live music thing only works with your support!

In lieu of a busy touring schedule, I’ve been catching up on things around the house–most recently, taxes, and–to soothe some tax-related angst: cutting up a 35 ft. long limb that fell out of the big pecan tree in the backyard a couple of weeks ago. Don’t laugh, lumberjacks, but I have a battery-powered chainsaw. It works fine–and isn’t so powerful that I’m in constant fear of cutting off one of my own limbs, instead of a limb off the tree. Looking forward to using some of the smaller pieces in the smoker this Fall (if Fall ever arrives). On Sunday I was out there going at it, and looked up at one point to see a very young squirrel climbing straight down the tree trunk, as if to see what all the commotion was about. Had no fear of me whatsoever, that I could tell. No bigger than my hand, it had fur and its claws were “oversize” compared to the rest of its body. Seeing that it would be easy (slow and oblivious) prey for the hawks who do hang out nearby, I spent a while trying to get its stubbornly curious ass back UP the tree, though the hollow that the squirrels nest in is about 40 feet up–(this is one of the tallest pecan trees I’ve ever seen)–yeah, if I was that small, I’d be somewhat hesitant to make that vertical climb myself. Finally I got it to hang onto the end of one of the longer branches I’d cut off of the fallen limb, and lifted it up slowly to the lowest “crook” in the tree, where the first limbs start branching out. Fortunately, it took the hint and stayed there, until one of the larger relatives noticed it and must’ve helped it back up there somehow. At least that’s what I hope happened. Ain’t seen it since . . . .

Americanafest moon–9/14/19

Really really enjoyed my Americanafest shows this year; thanks so much to all of you who came out to one or both of them. Chicago, Sweden, and beyond were well represented. I’ll say it again: we sure do appreciate the fresh energy that you visitors bring to our city. Not that our local music lovers are not up to snuff–they are amazing–it’s just that more love is more better, ha ha, right?

There’s a sale on VINYL going on in the “store” here on the site–I announced it to email subscribers a couple of weeks ago, but I’m letting everybody know now. Check it out–the sale prices show up in your cart. The vinyl editions of both Tilt & Shine, and the double-LP Long Gone Time, are on sale til October 1.

Tilt & Shine (Scroll down for the vinyl–)

Long Gone Time

Stay safe; stay well–I hope to see you in person very soon! 





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  1. Viola September 26, 2019 at 11:02 am #

    Squirrel karma is good karma. Headed on part of the squirrel or not.

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