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Letter from Ashland: Western tour update / No Depression interview

img_2574Tuesday greetings from Ashland, Oregon! I’ve been having a great time on the tour, playing all over the place and seeing lots of friends, old and new. I’ve treated myself to 2 consecutive nights in this hotel (playing Oberon’s in Ashland tonight) and hope to catch up on rest and overdue correspondence (like this post). There’s a certain disheveled inertia that happens on a long trip like this–a lot goes by the wayside, or falls to the floor of the van . . . except for what’s immediately necessary and helpful to the cause. When you’re out alone, as I am now, it gets downright military. I have a hard time making extra stops just for fun–and despite my post on fb yesterday about Weed, CA–forget it; I can’t even think about “going there.” And let’s just say the van currently provides plenty of evidence for the “disheveled” part of the vibe. But last night I slept better, and have a slow in-hotel day today–doing some laundry the old-fashioned way, plus re-organizing the merch box and selected other parts of life and business.

There are so many people to thank for their kindness and support on this tour–I actually need to look back at the calendar and make a list! I’m lucky to have friends in so many places; that is never lost on me. But in my current “over-caffeinated zombie” frame-of-mind, I’d rather not do something so important and meaningful right now, for fear of committing an unintentional sin of omission. But you know who you are–and I thank you!

This week, I’m in Ashland OR tonight, Portland OR tomorrow and Thursday, Prosser WA on Friday, and way up there in Bellingham WA on Saturday. For more details, visit

Here’s a new interview with yours truly, by Bill Frater, recently published on the No Depression magazine site:

Busy week ahead–and I hope the weather will not be too unreasonable–putting chains on van tires is still a foreign concept to me . . . (yeah, despite years in Iowa, I’m still a southern chicken-s**t when it comes to winter.)

See you soon–kg







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