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March Update: Next Livestream 3/10(You Pick the Album!) And Speaking of Live . . .

photo by Michael Roeder

Let’s get right down to it! (Before this post gets lost in the drafts folder, like a few other recent attempts–)

1/Livestream via Stageit next Wednesday, March 10: Back on the road, or back at the camera, at least. Next Wednesday I’ll be playing two livestreaming shows on Stageit (ticket links below)–the “early” show at 1pm CST, the “late” show at 7pm CST–playing all the songs from one of my albums, and you get to pick which one! Send an email to with your choice, or if you’re on Twitter, find the appropriate tweet thread (link is here) and just reply with your vote. And please, one vote per person . . . voting sure is fun, but let’s just not go there, k??? The polls close at end of day Friday (March 5). The only restrictions are: no Carnival Time (my first full-length recording ever, and one that is now so “vintage” that I’d have to do archaeological research in order to re-learn the songs); no Salvage & Drift, Vol. 1 either, since, with a few exceptions, it’s a compilation of alternate recordings/performances of songs that are on the other records. Still–gee whiz, kids, look at the choices:

Tilt and Shine

Long Gone Time


O Come Look at the Burning

Down to the Well

Cadillac Jack’s #1 Son

I played all of Down to the Well in a livestream show last summer, as a part of celebrating its 20-year anniversary (and the release of Down to the Well: Solo Demos Unearthed), but if it wins the vote, I’ll do it again. And, you might be wondering: how am I going to do this, given the time constraints of the Stageit platform (a 30-minute “set” followed by a 10-minute “encore”)??? During the Stageit set, all ticketholders will be provided a link to a private feed, via Zoom most likely, where I’ll continue the show. We’re still working out the technical details on this, but will get it all nailed down soon. Here are ticket links for the shows:

Stageit early show, 1 pm CST

Stageit late show, 7 pm CST

Hope to see you then!

Strand-Capitol Theater, York PA

2/New live record: For years, folks have asked me about making a record that features the sound of my live solo show. Finishing touches are currently being applied to just such a thing–an as-yet-untitled solo live record, which will be Vol.2 in the Salvage & Drift series! Stay tuned for details.

Stay safe out there! Thanks for your support–






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