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Monday on Tuesday/5 Spot/NoiseTrade/Concert Window

Happy Tuesday greetings, fellow travelers–

I’m getting a day-late start this week due to being out of commission yesterday, but I’m back on the coffee and feeling the pleasant thrum of caffeine sloshing in the brain. Two shows this week, both here in Nashville:

Thursday, 5/14   Five Spot   6-8pm (full band show w/Joe McMahan, Paul Griffith, and Ron Eoff; Amy McCarley opens)

Friday, 5/15   Douglas Corner   6pm (in-the-round w/Amelia White, Sergio Webb, and Jon Byrd)

Had a fantastic show at the 5 Spot last week, our first of three weekly Thursday 6pm shows this month–live and unrehearsed, baby!  Joining me were Joe V. McMahan, Ron Eoff, and Paul Griffith. They’ll be on the gig this coming Thursday, 5/14, too. It’s a chill vibe, low to the ground–making it easy  for us to tear off into material from the forthcoming new record–last week we debuted Cajun with a K, a song that’s a series of narrative verses based on stories from Monroe, LA, the town where I grew up. Musically, and lyrically, some previously uncharted waters for me. Opening this week’s show will be my friend and frequent touring partner, the very talented Amy McCarley.

In case you missed it, you can still download the free-if-you-want-it-to-be sampler, Tangle the Blue Sky, over at NoiseTrade. A compilation of tracks from past releases, this is a nice little package for anyone who needs an introduction to yours truly . . . and there are still a few thousand who do, ha ha–

I’ll be playing a show via sometime in June, from right here in my house! Will announce the date soon as we have it.

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