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New Orleans Jazz Fest/Long Gone Time vinyl/30A Fest

from Santa Rosa Beach, FL

from Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Hello and happy Tuesday–

I had a good birthday yesterday, albeit with the 7-hour drive home from Florida–there was chocolate cake! And books and records! And more chocolate! They’re all “good” birthdays, so it doesn’t take much, other than just being here, for me to be happy.

The news is out: I’ll be returning to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on Sunday, April 24. One of my favorite festivals to attend, much less play, I’m thrilled and honored to be performing there again. Stay tuned for further details . . .

The vinyl double-LP version of Long Gone Time is still in production; due to some unforeseen (but perfectly normal) issues, there will be at least another month’s delay in its release. My apologies, but we want this record to sound as good as it can in all formats, and vinyl is a very nuanced technology that sometimes requires additional time and effort to ensure desired audio quality.

What a fantastic weekend I had at the 30A Songwriters Fest, which I played for the first time. Met lots of music lovers, some of whose names I unfortunately got wrong more than once (sorry again, Leslie and Ivan!), and had three great shows, playing to full rooms every time. I met only one jerk, and the encounter was thankfully brief, ha ha. Had chilly but overall fine weather. Thanks to Russell and all others involved with the production of the festival, to all who attended, and all who volunteered or worked at the venues. A special thanks to Rodney Metoyer, whose prior lobbying had much to do with my invitation to play there. Excellent food and hospitality: I had the “Woodpecker” cottage all to myself at the Hibiscus in Grayton Beach, and after waking up to single digits here in Nashville this morning, I’m ready to head back south.


I woke up last night and in the dark found a pen and my little pocket notebook on the bedside table, and on the last page frantically wrote down a line that had been in my mind a few seconds earlier. Looked at it this morning: total nonsense. Legible, barely. But maybe it was the rhythm of the thing that grabbed me; that’s pretty much the only thing to grab now. To be continued . . .


Grayton Beach, FL

Grayton Beach, FL



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  1. Leslie January 19, 2016 at 7:41 pm #

    Thanks for the shoutout Kevin!! You remembered our names 🙂 .. Great that you are going to be at Jazzfest .. Lots of friends are going ! It was great meeting you and hearing you play .. Glad you made it back safe and sound .. It’s cold in Atlanta too. A friend saw this link and sent it to me.. So funny!

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