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o Come Look at the Burning

o Come Look at the Burning CD (CC 4001)

Produced by Joe McMahan and Kevin Gordon
Recorded March-May 2005
Released October 2005

Recorded at Joe McMahan’s Wow and Flutter studio (then on McKennie Ave. in east Nashville), “Burning” was the long-awaited follow-up to the 2000 release, “Down to the Well”.  Special guests include Nashville
r & b legend Charles “Wigg” Walker, Bo Ramsey, Louisiana piano master/songwriter David Egan, and Jennifer Niceley.

The song “Flowers”, was later recorded by New Orleans’ great Irma Thomas; her version appears on her Grammy-winning record, “After the Rain”.

“Watching the Sun Go Down” was licensed for use in a Dewar’s Scotch television ad campaign, and also for use in the HBO series, “True Blood”.  “24 Diamonds” was included in the Red Beet Records compilation “The Other Side: Music from East Nashville”.

Have a listen.

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o Come Look at the Burning CD (CC 4001)
produced by Joe McMahan and Kevin Gordon
recorded March-May 2005
released October 2005
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track listing:

(click on song titles for lyrics/other info)

1/ Watching the Sun Go Down

2/ Find My Way

3/ Greenwood Girls

4/ Casino Road

5/ Joe Light

6/ 24 Diamonds

7/ Something Heavy

8/ Make It Good

9/ Flowers

10/ Calhoun

11/ Crazy Mixed-up World

12/ Heart’s Not In It