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KG Update: Home Improvement, Songs Covered, & a Gig

I must have missed the memo, again: Posting new content regularly helps to grow and maintain your audience. I can’t believe it’s been since April 23 that I’ve shown up here (though I do appear more often on other busy corners of the internet). Maybe you haven’t noticed. Maybe you’ve been busy like me, negotiating […]

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April Eve Update: Bandcamp Friday / Shirt Sale / Todd Snider

Hi friends, This Friday, April 2, is another “Bandcamp Friday”— for any purchase made on 4/2, on my site there, Bandcamp waives their usual share of the proceeds–in an ongoing effort to help touring musicians living in a still-so-not-touring world. This time around we’ll be having a sale on in-stock t-shirts; let’s not fool around […]

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March 10 Live Stream Shows: Gloryland It is!

Thanks for all your votes! It was close! But Gloryland was the winner. I’ll be performing the songs from that record in sequence, via live stream on Stageit, tomorrow, Wednesday March 10! Two shows: 1pm CST, and 7pm CST. Ticket links are here: Stageit early show, 1 pm CST Stageit late show, 7 pm CST […]

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