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30A Ramble/David Olney

Thanks to all of you who so kindly took a moment out of your busy lives to wish me a happy birthday yesterday; for the last few years I’ve had the great fortune of landing here in Florida, playing the 30A Songwriters Festival, on “the day”–though of course I would love to celebrate with my […]

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Bang! And so it begins . . .

Happy Monday–and Happy new year, new decade (if you’re subscribing to that version of events), etc.! I’ve been sick in the bed, reduced to a motionless stupor, but maybe if I end every sentence in an exclamation point all of this will come off as the usual upbeat-and-positive message! Just kidding–I wouldn’t do that to […]

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Breaking the Silence

Long-overdue greetings from Nashville, friends–I should mention before time gets away from me again that I’m proud to be participating in a special show this coming Saturday, at the 5 Spot here in east Nashville; here’s some info for ya:   The 14th Annual GET BEHIND THE MULE: Tom Waits Tribute & Benefit for Second […]

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