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So long, PA, NY; hello Iowa, Missouri

new I-70 bridge over the Mississippi; St.Louis MO

new I-70 bridge over the Mississippi; St.Louis MO

On my way to Iowa City today, for the first of 3 shows this week. Had a very restful night at Gary and Joann’s in St. Louis; what highway angels they are to house me (and many many other troubadours) on my way through. Yep, the coffee is working its magic; the cinnamon roll is definitely supplying my sugar requirements (for the week). Feels like this has been the busiest July and August ever, with recording and plenty of touring. Work is good, they say. And I agree completely, though it felt all too familiar crawling back into the landsled yesterday afternoon to start the drive here, after some marathon mileage last week (with fantastic shows along the way). But having just spent $1100 getting said sled repaired so it would pass the emissions test, so I could acquire new tags (and less attention from law enforcement), I figure yeah, it’s good to be busy. And I’m looking forward to these shows–the first solo shows I’ve done since we recorded in July–I’ll be doing updated versions of some of the new material. After playing The Mill in IA City tonight, I’ll be playing an Oak Tree House Concert in the St.Louis area tomorrow, and The Fire Room at Picks Gallery in Osage Beach, MO, on Sunday evening. Check out the schedule to the right on this page, or at for details. And yes, in case you’re wondering, the sponsorship campaign is still open–check it out by clicking the “Let’s Make A Record” menu tab above(sorry–I’d include a direct link here but I’m having iPad touchscreen chaos–maybe it’s the sugar on my finger–and I’d rather not scream at a machine this early!). Happy weekend!

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