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The dogs all fat and sleepy

after their morning cicada feast. (I would insert a photo here, but wordpress and I are not getting along this morning.) There was a big (non-)story on the local news last night stating that if your pet ate too many of the things, they’d get sick. Basically what would happen if they ate too much of anything. Since they won’t stop eating the things, I’ve brought them in for a while. Stomachs are making disturbing sounds, but hopefully that’s all that will happen.

Finally I’m getting my garden planted; went to the farmers’ market the other day and ended up with three different kinds of tomatoes, 4 different peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon. Planted the zucchini and cucumbers this morning, both which will climb the portable trellis I made last year; got too hot so I put everything else under the trellis and covered it with bird netting. Will go back to it this afternoon, after the sun passes over to the west.  These days, gardening feels like the closest thing to writing that I know. I’m not writing, except for my journal. Practicing guitar, though, every minute of which feels valuable. Not a clinical approach, but you’d probably already guessed that–I’ve downloaded guitar tablature maybe twice since there’s been such a thing as a download. Instead, I’m in the back room, letting the stereo shuffle, and trying to insert my own angle into what’s coming out of the speakers. Mostly a lesson in listening, which to me is the most important part of playing, singing, or writing.

How’s that new record coming along, you might be asking . . . well, we’re within one font crisis and a photo of  being done with CD packaging. I’m getting ready to mail the master to the plant. Also talking with the shirt design/manufacturer, and getting that rolling. Thanks again to all of you who’ve contributed to the Gloryland fund–I literally couldn’t do it without you.  A woman in Iowa City donated a $100 bill anonymously, the night we played The Mill recently–if you’re reading this, dear sponsor, THANK YOU. Someone else told me they’d worked extra shifts at their factory job, and contributed $500! Y’all are astounding. I’m humbled and honored by your support, and your believing in what I do. Self-promotion is not exactly my strong suit, but the connection I make with you via this campaign and on the road sure does make it easier for a fella to stand up and say “HEY! LISTEN to this!” We’re at somewhere between $5-6K now, which is fantastic. Enough to feel comfortable with getting CDs and shirts made. But promotion-wise, every dollar that comes in can be put to good use. So we’re not done, but progress is happening–these are just primary steps toward our goal of getting the thing manufactured, distributed, and promoted.

Next week I’m back on the road, (hallelujah), playing three shows in Pennsylvania; home for two days then three shows in Louisiana and Arkansas. Check the tour schedule for details. Oh, and check my facebook “music page” for a new live track–I’ll post it sometime this afternoon–and “like” that page while you’re there. Thanks!

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  1. Larry May 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    iTunes has shuffled to Mott the Hoople, live, 197??, ahhh.
    Then a KG blog post? This crappy week is taking a turn to the better! I’ve got garden-envy (apt. dweller, used to have a pair of amazing gardens at ex-wife’s house). Good luck on the planting!
    Keep blogging sir, please!? We’re all itching to read more, and more.

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