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The Holiday Spirit Moves Quickly / Last-Minute SALE!

Wow. Been out there in the halls of commerce or in the traffic lately? It’ll make a person move to the country if you’re not there already, or maybe shop online exclusively. And I say that as a supporter of local business (though you can order online from most of them these days too)! Be careful; watch out for those other folks, ’cause it seems that many of them are not looking out for anybody but “#1” while reaching down for their grandé FourBucks Peppermint Mocha. Hustle and bustle sho is. So far that blissful holiday spirit has not hit me, at least in conjunction with my trips out into the marketplace this season. Maybe this’ll change. If I stay indoors . . . .

BIG SALE!: A last-minute announcement here from KG Ground Control: ALL CDs and VINYL LPs in stock ARE ON SALE here at through Friday night, December 20! We’re talking pretty drastic reductions, folks. Check postal schedules for deadlines re: pre-Christmas arrival, and pick the appropriate shipping option accordingly. The discounts will show up in your PayPal cart; you’ll know you’re buying from the site directly when you click on an “add to cart” button from here at (There are some links on the store page and elsewhere on the site that take you to other vendors, such as Bandcamp. Discounts are NOT available there.) If you have any questions, etc., please email me directly at: and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Around this time of year, when I’m playing shows I’ll usually do one titled “Louisiana Snow“, which was originally released on a limited-edition(of 300), hand-numbered, autographed 7″ 45 rpm vinyl single. THERE ARE LESS THAN TEN LEFT! If you’d like to add one of these to your collection, or give as a special gift to someone, you can find the link in the drop-down menu below the “STORE” option at the top of any page on the site. Or, just go here:  If the vinyl sells out, well, there’s always the download option. You might wonder why I tend to do this song only during this time of year. Here are the lyrics, which will explain all that:

Louisiana Snow

There it was all laid out on the ground
Piled up on the pine tree limbs, and still coming down
Cars out on the street moving slow
Looking out at Louisiana snow

Sledding down the levee on a cardboard box
Wearing my hightop shoes and 3 pairs of socks
Feeling good though I could not feel my toes
Walking home through Louisiana snow

Power lines are down tonight
No evening news, no Christmas lights
but the transistor radio still plays
Little town of Bethlehem,
Peace on earth, good will to men,
I hear the church bells ringing far away

There it was all laid out on the ground
Covering my daddy’s car, and still coming down
It will all be gone before we know
Looking out at Louisiana snow

©Kevin Gordon(Little Rain Music/BMI)/Gwil Owen(Turgid Tunes/BMI)

 More soon–I’ve gotta get some chores done and help clean up the joint. I return to the road in January–hoorah!

Stay warm; stay safe! 




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