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Set list from White Water Tavern, Little Rock, 2/16/17

Set list from White Water Tavern, Little Rock, 2/16/17

Greetings friends,

So good to see so many of you out at the shows earlier this month. I had a great tour, and you are the reason for that. Thank you! I’ve been into the bourbon tonight, so I apologize in advance for any typographical etc. errors. Oh the humanity!

Back home this week; just a couple of shows/events to tell you about–tomorrow night, Thursday, 2/23, I’ll be at the Family Wash here in lovely overdeveloped East Nashville, helping my friend Jon Byrd celebrate ten whole years of Byrd’s Auto Parts! For those in the area, I hope you can make it. Jon is one of the best in our town, which is full of the best in the world. Honored to be a special guest during this celebration.

Friday night, Feb. 24, I’ll be a part of a pop-up multi-media presentation (them’s my favorite kind) called Siren, featuring paintings by my friend Wendy Walker Silverman, music by the mighty Paul Burch, and readings by yours truly and Kendra DeColo, at White Avenue Studios in Nashville, from 6-9pm. More info here:

Sponsors of Long Gone Time: Please know that the remaining rewards due you are in production as “we speak”–I do not forget a promise! Thank you for your continued patience.

We start recording a new project next week–stay tuned for the details! I’m very excited about this.






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