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Greenwood Avenue, east Nashville

Happy Friday,

I’m a day late getting a word out to you, says the e-marketing department–some/most of you having left your desks already today for the usual Friday afternoon plunge into comfort, via food and/or beverage, etc. Hope that’s working well for you–feels like it’s been a long week! But personally, most of the news has been good: the sponsorship campaign for the forthcoming new record, which I started last Saturday before tearing off to the fairgrounds to play Jazz Fest in New Orleans, is going great–at this hour, we’re at %10 of my tentative goal of $20K, and that’s with only 25 folks pitching in. I’ll be setting up the exclusive sponsor page soon, and I vow to keep you sponsors in the loop throughout the creative process. Next week you’ll see some lyrics to songs I’m working on, and the order-forsaken room where I’ve been working on them. After I straighten it up. Just a little.

Have a great weekend! Three shows next week–NYC on Thursday, Bethlehem PA on Friday, and Millheim PA on Saturday. As usual, check the tour page for details.

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