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Yep, a profound title for this post–but I’m rushing to get out the door and up the road, so my imagination’s dragging a little. I’ve been so busy lately, with matters personal and professional (though where eating the deliciousness that IS the “Cajun Benedict” at The French Press in Lafayette LA last Saturday falls in or between those categories, I’m not sure–I think it just makes it ALL better). The pic here isn’t so pretty, but ooowee was it good.

Cajun Benedict

Cajun Benedict


Lots of shows in August!–check out the tour page, of course–you can also track my schedule via Next week I have four trio shows in PA and NYC; the following week I’m out solo: Iowa City and 2 shows in Missouri.

I know you must be wondering: Recording has gone well–some delays due to unforeseen scheduling complications, but we have really good tracks. Sponsors, look for a more detailed update very soon on your exclusive sponsor page. And yes, if you, the uninitiated, are interested in experiencing that special feeling that over 200 sponsors already have zinging through them, check out   

Okay, gotta run. Thanks, as ever, for your interest in, and support of, my efforts. Good things are on the way. I feel it! 


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