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From a hotel in Sacramento / Cali dates this week

Greetings, friends and lurkers,

I come to you from my hotel room, where after having a good breakfast with my old friend and drummer extraordinaire Paul Griffith, I’ve come back up and changed strings on the Telecaster in preparation for the gigs today and tomorrow. In case you’re wondering what those are, they are:

Wed. 8/7   Momo   Sacramento CA (Blues & Bourbon Wednesdays series)   6:30 pm

Kicking it in this evening with Paul, and Ron Eoff on bass. This’ll be the first time the three of us have played together in quite a while. Gonna be big fun! Here’s a link for more info:

Thurs. 8/8   KRSH Backyard BBQ   Santa Rosa CA  6 pm

Happy to be performing as part of this great outdoor series put on by the mighty KRSH, a station that’s supported my music for a long long time. Thanks to my friend Bill Bowker and the rest of the staff for their enthusiasm–looking forward to this! With opening act The Musers; benefiting Forget Me Not Farm. For more details:

Nashville, I’ll see you on August 21 at the lounge at City Winery; I’ll be a special guest for one of my friend Grant-Lee Phillips‘ residency shows there. More about that to come.

Gonna keep it short this time, as I’ve got some things to do such as shop for a new hat, find a good taco, and write a book. If you can’t personally attend one or both of these shows, please spread the word to people you know who’d dig it! We’ll see ALL of you, very soon–




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KG Update: 4th (& 5th) of July / Trio Dates Next Week in WI & MN / Live Recordings

A groovy little amp I did NOT buy last week

Greetings, friends . . . and I say that quietly because there’s a dog sleeping next to me here on the sofa and she is clearly enjoying her snore-punctuated nap here, indoors where the temp is reasonable.

7/4: This is sorta how it went

I’m still reeling from two incredible quartet shows last week–July 4 at FitzGerald’s 38th Annual American Music Festival, in Berwyn, IL, followed by another full house on July 5 in Columbus, OH, at Natalie’s up there in Worthington. We sure do appreciate you coming out to the shows–on both nights, y’all made our little musical bonfire set the whole joint ablaze. Who knew that not long after having a big ole’ bear hug with the mighty Jon Dee Graham backstage at FitzGerald’s, (and him declaring me a motherf*cker, in the most complimentary fashion) after his own incendiary set, that he would suffer a cardiac event, and end up in the dang hospital, where, it seems, we’re all always “out of network.” (Don’t get me started.) Let’s keep brother Jon in our thoughts as he makes what is expected to be a full recovery. The older you get . . . well, you know what I’m saying: count every day as a good one. Because it is.

Goin’ up the road feeling good next week–4 shows in Wisconsin and Minnesota, in trio formation:





Ron Eoff and I will be joined by drummer extraordinaire Bobby Schneider, whom some of you Wisconsinites have seen playing with the great John Sieger, among others. Looking forward to these shows! Check venue listings, my own tour page, or the usual, Google, for more info.

Stuff I’ve been into lately: I loved the film Django Unchained, which my film expert daughter Charlotte exposed me to, though it still seems that a southern accent (not that there is only one) is the most elusive for any actor to absorb and maintain. Mr. DeCaprio, despite an otherwise great performance, talked like a Mississippian who’d had a slight stroke or other injury that flattened his tongue a bit, thereby establishing his character’s place of origin as being off in some kinda Hollywood Nether-land. This, I’m sure, was unintentional. Otherwise–great film, and one that runs much deeper than its very active surface. Currently I’m reading The Sympathizer, by Viet Thanh Nguyen, a novel which won the Pulitzer for fiction a few years back. Musically: Meade Lux Lewis and Miles Davis. (Sometimes a vocalist has to get away from vocals!)

I’ve also been back in the back room lately, doing some rough edits on various live recordings–(basically taking sets recorded as one file and breaking them up into individual song files)–will keep you posted on the developments! Patience, please . . . .

Hope to see you next week, Midwesterners–if you can’t be there, please share the news with someone who can! Coming up in a few weeks: California!







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Back on the Boards: KG Update, 18 June

Hi friends, I feel like I haven’t touched the ground since hitting the road a week ago Friday–Mr. Robert Earl Keen was right, re: “the road goes on forever,” though I’d argue at this point that it really just goes round-and-round, a circle that closes back in on itself at the intersection of Where-ya-goin and […]

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