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KG on Concert Window TONIGHT(4/25) / NOLA next week and beyond

photo by Michael Roeder; Cedar Rapids, IA, Oct. 2018

I resist the television; I do. Though with Netflix, et al., there are now plenty of quality options if you do decide to bask in the drone from the corner of the sofa. Last week I watched the Beyoncé documentary about her 2018 Coachella show. By the end, I never wanted to hear another marching band drum line ever, but I do applaud her project of involving bands from HBCU (Historically Black College & Universities) in the show, and in general, what she was putting across. The production was huge; dang, Queen B, how do you remember all the words to those songs AND the choreography involved in presenting each one? (That’s likely a problem I won’t be encountering, personally.) Who’s really playing; who’s not? And her vocal–some of it pretty obviously lip-synced (b/c of the physicality of the dance routines, at least)–but some definitely live. How do you keep THAT straight? Again, something I don’t need to worry about for my own endeavors.

Speaking of big shows, there’s one happening tonight, friends–right here in my dining room! From your browser, tune into Concert Window, at ; I’ll start playing at 7 pm CST, and who knows how long I’ll go–the CW site says most people play for 30 minutes–I can’t imagine playing less than twice that long. So tune in–“tickets” are “pay what you want”–it’s easy! And you get to witness MY production values, ha ha, such as they are, for a homegrown live broadcast. I’ll be watching the feed between songs, answering questions as they come up. Go ahead and request something–I’ll do it if I can! It’s my goal to start doing these CW shows more often–say every other month, if for no other reason than to get better at presenting what I do in this format. So, stay tuned, tonight and beyond.

For those of you in beautiful New Orleans next week, you can find me playing at Louisiana Music Factory, one of the best record stores anywhere, on Tuesday, April 30, at 1:30 pm. I believe our set is about an hour. Come on out and support your humble troubadour, who will indeed eat his way through the city before departure . . . if I ever leave, that is. Good thing I’ve started running again–going for a healthy balance, I guess . . .

A lot happening in the coming months–I’ll talk about that tonight during the show. Hope to “see” you then and there(here)!






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April on the Rise: Some Girls/Cincinnati/Florence Dore/Juke Joint Fest/Concert Window/NOLA!

Spring springing

Yes, I’ve been quiet here in virtual-world for quite a while; maybe I sensed that I needed a break. I don’t know what it is, my friends; sometimes I just have to step away from all the crud. Not that YOU are the crud. I think you know what I’m saying. Just been kinda in a weird zone. Spent a solid month not traveling or playing gigs (after having a great tour with Todd Snider back in February). But steady working around the house. Getting guitars fixed. Getting ready to write songs again, I think. And you’ll be glad to know: I’m a little pissed off, about a lot of things. Those two components together–the I’m-about-ready intention and some ever-useful behavioral fire-starter . . .  well, I’m curious as to what’s going to happen. No whining for its own sake will be allowed, in final drafts at least, but semi-coherent emotivity(?) re: an increasingly incomprehensible universe (or, government) will be encouraged ‘cause it’s good medicine—you gotta get that stuff out of your heart, right?

In a state of semi-insomnia one night last week I ordered the deluxe version of the Stones’ “Some Girls” record—which may be rightfully criticized for its misogynistic content, but it’s the energy that’s grabbing me—When the Whip Comes Down, their version of (Just My) Imagination, Respectable, Shattered, good Lord it just goes on and on. You can hear them reacting to both disco AND punk. And NYC. Surely one of their finest 70s efforts. Even if it is the peculiar wild abandon of a gang of millionaires. The music’s there. And the second disc of outtakes is damn near as good as the “real” record. 

All this non-speaking, settin’ down the bullhorn—some would say it ain’t smart. That I must stay present in peoples’ faces/screens or I’ll be forgotten. But hell, I got more faith in y’all than that. As my therapist reminds me: I’m always working, whether I’m “working” or not. It’s tricky like that, this song-conjuring, recording-making, show-delivering thing. The sensor is always on. And it’s all coming in. No matter how low the light, how bright the dark. I’ll keep you apprised of the developments. In the meantime:

It’s back to the show business next week, with four dates on the books. Gonna be fun. On Monday, April 8, I’ll be playing guitar for/with Luella, at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, up in Madison, TN, right behind Jenna’s Toy Box, that’s right, the adult accessories shop and bookstore. We’ll play a half-hour set of spirituals, at 9:30pm. Next Wednesday, April 10, I’ll be in Cincinnati, Ohio, opening for the great Chris Smither at the 20th Century Theater—which I played a couple of years ago when I was out with Todd Snider. Love that venue, and I’ve always dug Chris; I’m looking forward to the show.

On Thursday, April 11, your humble troubadour will be participating in something other than the usual twangin’ and bangin’—my friend Florence Dore, who is not only a fantastic singer-songwriter but also an ultra-sharp Faulkner (et al.) scholar as well, will be at Vanderbilt’s First Amendment Center auditorium. She and I will talk about music, literature, and her wonderful book, Novel Sounds: Southern Fiction In the Age of Rock n’ Roll. After our talk (I am personally much more interested in what she has to say than in my own verbal contributions), I’ll play a short set with my band, consisting of Ron Eoff on bass and Joshua Hunt on drums. It’s an early one, Nashville: 5 pm start. This will be entertaining AND informative. And you might just hear me play some of the 22(!) verses of Frankie & Johnnie!

Saturday, April 13, you can find me in one of my favorite towns, Clarksdale, Mississippi; I’ll be playing the Juke Joint Festival at 1 pm that afternoon, on the “Mr. Tater” Issaquena Ave. Stage, near the New Roxy Theater.  Check the official fest schedule for all the details. After that, who knows—I might just wander off into the woods somewhere and listen for a nightbird to sing. Or find a house party, and watch that movie play on into the night. 

KG returns to Concert Window: It’s been too long–I had such a good time the first time I did one of these, why have I waited so long to do another? Put it on your calendar, folks: Thursday, April 25, 7 pm Central. Here’s the link: I’ll be checking out your comments during the show, and requests are welcome, of course–even far in advance (sly grin . . . ).

And Hello Again, Beautiful New Orleans: On Tuesday, April 30, I’ll be playing an in-store at Louisiana Music Factory, at 1:30 pm. Hope to see my local pals, and whoever might be in town for the ‘Fest—it’s always a good time—and as you probably know, it’s a GREAT record store. Format yet to be determined–but whatever happens, I’m going to have fun. 

Safe travels and travails to you—I’ll see you out there, somewhere.



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KG This Week: On the Road With Todd Snider

Monday, Feb. 11, 2019 8:52am home While sitting in the waiting room of the emergency vet clinic last night, I had plenty of time to think. Pearl the dog and I have been involved two outta-nowhere dog fights in as many weeks, while on our daily walks, minding our own business. Thankfully, there were no […]

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