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February ramble: Vegas to Vermillion (and what now, you ask?)


Looking out the back door, Dockside Studios, south of Lafayette, LA. 2/6/13

Greetings from lovely Lexington, Kentucky–I camped here at the Comfort Inn last night, which has been perfectly fine though I have found no use whatsoever for the minifridge, microwave, or dang television for that matter. I celebrated St. Valentine’s annual cards-and-flowers frenzy far from those I love, with two more-than-half-empty bottles of 3-for-10.99 wine from home, and a Wendy’s chicken sandwich (I’m banning fries from the road menu, yes I am! Again . . .).

Been a busy month: with twelve hours notice, I flew to Las Vegas to play a set with my friend Todd Snider; a few days later, drove to Louisiana to play some shows, see friends, and basically soak it up some more. Now, this morning–after having slept well, I’m about four hours from today’s destination: Parkersburg, WV, where I’m playing the Worthington Ballroom tonight with 3 other fine acts. Please see my tour page for details. I played in Parkersburg last year, and I have fond memories of it–lots of nice folks. Should be a great way to start the tour. I’ve got several new songs I’m currently fighting with, and will likely be rendering a couple of them in each show.

Tomorrow night I’ll be playing a Music Beacon house concert in Pittsburgh, PA, a great city I don’t see often enough. See tour page for contact info to see if there are tickets left.

I’ll be rambling around eastern PA and NYC until I play Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan, at 7pm on Tuesday, February 19. My friend and frequent co-conspirator Charlie Faye follows at 8. This will be my first solo set at Rockwood; I’m thrilled to be coming back to the city, and to this fine venue.

Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 20-21) I’ll be playing a rare 2-night stand in Cambridge, MA, at the cozy Lizard Lounge, opening for the always fantastic Dennis Brennan on 2/20, and opening for, and sitting in with, Session Americana on the 21st. Ye Bostonians and ye Cambridgians(?), come on down to the basement and take it all in. Both nights I’ll go on at 9pm.

Friday I’ll doubtlessly be taking in the scenery along southbound I-95, heading back south towards the final show of the run, which is on Saturday Feb.23, at one of my favorite venues and friendliest towns: Ashland Coffee & Tea, in Ashland, VA.

I brought along plenty of CDs, yes, and every shirt in the inventory. I am determined to place at least one of these fine articles of clothing in your wardrobe, dear reader. That box is heavy! And as ever, the word needs to be spread, even via 100% cotton, or cotton blend.

Okay, I’m going to eat apple #2 now, 50% of today’s nutritious breakfast, and drink one more squeaky styrofoam cup of coffee. Then onward! And up the road. See you there–

4 Responses to February ramble: Vegas to Vermillion (and what now, you ask?)

  1. Mark February 15, 2013 at 10:00 am #

    Dang. And after reading the headline of your post, I thought “alright! Vermillion, South Dakota!”
    Not to be. At least for now. Safe travels and rocking shows!

  2. Jason February 15, 2013 at 10:35 am #

    My initial thoughts were the same as marks! Safe travels,keep on rocking, and yes I’d buy a t-shirt.

  3. Paul Griffith February 15, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    Wendy’s tip: try dumping the small bowl of chili on top of the baked potato with chives. Top with hot sauce–pretty good, and it won’t lead to “road kill.” Travel safely–guess we’ll be filming without you today.

  4. Jeff February 19, 2013 at 10:45 am #

    A fine evening of music in wintry Parkersburg! Kevin was spot on with his vocals and effortlessly seemed to match his guitar’s mojo and vibrato to the spirit of the crowd. Going to check out the action in Charlottesville on March 7th, and hopefully it will feel more like early spring than late winter.

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