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Funding Campaign Closing Soon! / Jazz Fest in NOLA / Iowa this Week

Tuesday, May 8: I’m sitting here feeling like I’ve accomplished something, like I deserve this “got-er-done” mood—though it’s kinda

painting on curtain of the Kids’ Tent at Jazz Fest

ridiculous. I just cut the backyard with our “new” used mower. And it’s 80 degrees out, not 95. KG is killin it today! (I’m beating myself up a bit–every day comes with an abundant agenda; mowing was #4 out of about 20.) Changed clothes, and am trying to ignore the poison-ivy-looking rash on my left hand. Me and green things outside don’t co-mingle so well. But it’s a beautiful day out there. My faithful companion Pearl is working hard over on the sofa, on her 8th nap of the day, after calmly observing my mowing progress from the deck. This dog snores like a mockingbird sings—with infinite varieties of vocal (and nasal) expression. She’s into it, unconsciousness. I am too, but damn, she’s full-on proud and committed! I’ll be taking the van out this afternoon for an oil change, and then doing a little hunting for an old suitcase to display my merchandise in when out playing shows. Speaking of which–

Iowa: I’m heading out this week, playing The Mill in Iowa City on Thursday evening, May 10, at 8pm; doors are at 7. Then Friday I drive up to Dubuque to take part in the annual Switchback Songwriters’ Weekend, in a beautiful deco-era mansion right on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi river. Got a last-minute itch to hang out with Martin and Brian from Switchback, myself, and some other song-making folks? It’s a laid-back good time, and we all learn from each other. More info is available here:

The sponsorship campaign continues for just another three weeks! The response has been overwhelming, and I am truly humbled and grateful for your support of our efforts. Due to overwhelming demand, we are now offering a few more Level 7 and 8 sponsorship packages. If you’ve already purchased a lower level package and want to upgrade, that’s fine; let us know and we’ll make it happen. (For any questions whatsoever, email me at To become a sponsor, or to just find out what all this noise is about, go here, online traveler: We’ll be touring quite a bit in late June into July, leading up to the record release show here in Nashville at City Winery on the day the thing drops: Friday, July 27! If you’ll be in town then please make plans to attend now—your advance ticket purchase (show/ticket link will be announced shortly) is very much appreciated. We’re also working on a very exciting opener for the show, and will announce that soon as well. 

That river—I can’t seem to ever get far from it, though it’s never the same one twice. I was in New Orleans last week for a few days, and played a really fun show at the House of Blues. Then stuck around for a couple of days and went to Jazz Fest on Thursday, which wasn’t quite as claustrophic as a typical week end Fest day.

Old Crow Medicine Show

 Ran into a bunch of folks I knew, which is kinda nuts, considering how many people were there. Saw/heard my pal Ketch play the Gentilly stage with his band Old Crow Medicine Show; they were just as engaging on that big stage as they had been when I saw them at  the tiny Station Inn here in Nashville a couple weeks back. I will admit to having had a bit of a “lost weekend” while in NOLA—such things are done with great ease in that town, and I gotta say, I think I needed it. Yes, I ate some incredible, and incredibly unhealthy things, including a fantastic catfish plate from a donut shop that’s open 24/7 near where I was staying. Yes, they have donuts, but you can get your aforementioned seafood OR a Philly cheese-steak, etc. etc. too. I got the fish for “now”, and an apple fritter for “later”, meaning breakfast the next morning, er, afternoon. While there, my hosts and I narrowly avoided involvement in a dispute between the two halves of a couple—she took refuge inside the brightly-lit restaurant while he sat out front in the dark with a Miller 40 oz., hands on his head, staring at the ground and looking imminently combustible. Hope everything worked out with those two, eventually. After the Fest we stopped in for an early dinner at the legendary Frankie & Johnny’s–“one of each, please . . .”

Good NOLA Trouble

Sometimes folks ask what I’m reading. Right now it’s fairly sporadic and spontaneous. Books I’ve picked up lately: Lewis Hyde‘s “Common As Air”; Mary Gaitskill‘s novel “The Mare”; various poems by Kenneth Rexroth, James Wright, and Peter Balakian. Listening to Lucinda Williams‘ “The Ghosts of Highway 20” (to catch up, a year later?) and advance copies of a couple of friends’ forthcoming new releases.

Thanks for your support of, and interest in, what I’m doing. Hope to see you out there, somewhere, soon. (See you Thursday, Iowa City!!!)






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