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gloryland/october update

Fran's Eastside Tavern

Greetings from Nashville . . .

Sorry to have been so quiet lately–sometimes I get too busy living life to write about it. And when I do post something here, I want it to have some substance. (unlike the podcast I downloaded for my walk yesterday, which was nothing but a podcast about the name of the podcast–30 minutes of vapid commentary and vacant enthusiasm–thanks, but I hear enough voices already).

It’s AMA week here–the annual festival/conference and fundraiser for the Americana Music Association. I saw a few folks from out of town last night–I forget what a boost it is to see you all here, bringing fresh energy to the proceedings, and reminding us sometimes-jaded natives that there is a lot to be excited about around here.

RE: this week, I’m on a panel today at the conference, about “fan funding”, at 2 pm. Talking about Kickstarter and the like; I’ll be sharing info about my own experiences with the ongoing Gloryland campaign. Having never served on a panel like this, this could offer extra entertainment value for those of you who attend, watching me try to put articulate sentences together under the bright lights, without music. Also on the panel will be one of the Gloryland sponsors, a fan and friend from Iowa, Mark Gerking. If any other sponsors who are also conference attendees want to stop by, bring it on and share your perspectives.

Also, this afternoon I’m recording a Music Fog session, which I believe you can watch live at We’ll get going sometime around 5 pm CST. Ron Eoff, Paul Griffith, Joe McMahan, and I will be rendering live versions of a few songs from the upcoming Gloryland release. The four of us will also be playing at the Family Wash, 2038 Greenwood Ave, 37206, on Friday night, starting sometime around 9:30. Charlie Faye, from Austin TX, will be playing an early set with her combo, starting at around 8. If you’re in town, come get you a slice of life on the east side.

Speaking of Gloryland, the official release date (subject to change) is February 14. That’s the official release date–I will have it available on a limited basis long before then. The campaign is still going, and for those of you who’ve held out til just the right dramatic moment, now is a great time to pony up for that sponsorship. We’ve raised a net total of $8930; it might be hard to believe, but I can safely say that every dollar of those funds (and then some) has been allocated toward a current or upcoming expense relating to manufacturing, promotion and marketing. I’ve hired a radio promoter who will also manage the release campaign, and I’ve also hired a publicist; I’m very excited about working with these folks. We’ll be making a more “official” announcement about all this in the coming days.  To the 115 of you who have sponsored this project so far, I can’t say enough how grateful I am, and that it is no exaggeration to say that I could not do this without you.

I’ll be coming back to Iowa in early November–playing Iowa City, Des Moines, and yes, of course, Pomeroy! Then onto North Carolina, South Carolina, and a return trip to Louisiana right after Thanksgiving. Check the tour page for more details. For those of you who host house concerts, (or book other venues) please let me know if you’d like to book a date for next year–I’m already filling dates for next summer.



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