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FitzGerald's, Berwyn IL, 7/4/15. Photo by David T. Kindler.

FitzGerald’s, Berwyn IL, 7/4/15. Photo by David T. Kindler.

Dear fellow travelers,

I hope this finds you well. I’ve been in the “office” the last few days, since returning from the 4,902-mile touring odyssey that was most of my July,  rockin’ various spreadsheets and printing shipping labels. Reminding me that there are indeed two words in the phrase “music business,” one of which has nothing to do with music. And trying to post for the last few days but failing miserably. But more about my travels a little later.

If you missed out on the sponsorship campaign for the new release, Long Gone Time, you can still get an inside line on things via the new pre-order campaign over at PledgeMusic. And you sponsors already “in” might be be interested in a few things over there as well–Long Gone Time will be issued on vinyl as a double-LP, plus we’re releasing a 10th anniversary edition of the 2005 release “o Come Look at the Burning” on vinyl; both will be available later this year.

In other news, in September I’ll be appearing on the NPR program World Cafe! I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share songs from the new record with such a large audience. Click on this link and see the story (and preview a couple of songs!) on the site:

One of the fun things about writing songs is following their travels once they’re finished. My very talented friend Julie Christensen‘s band, Stone Cupid, is releasing a new record in October; Julie recorded a version of my song Saint on a Chain for this release after hearing me perform it live a few times here in Nashville. While making my record, we tried recording it a couple of different ways, but never felt like we quite “got it”–and that just happens sometimes. So, you can hear this unreleased song of mine on Julie’s record first! These are the final days of the Stone Cupid PledgeMusic drive, so click on over and check it out:


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