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Louisiana Snow

Louisiana Snow

limited-edition 7” vinyl 45 (CROW2002)

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produced by Joe McMahan and Kevin Gordon
recorded October 2007
released November 2007

limited edition of 300(2 left! as of 12-21-19)
each hand-numbered/signed by Kevin

Originally written and recorded for use on the Red Beet Records holiday compilation, “Yuletide From the Other Side”, “Louisiana Snow” was paired with a cool previously unreleased alternate take of “Crazy Mixed Up World”, the Willie Dixon song recorded during the “Burning” sessions in March 2005, for this limited-edition 7” vinyl 45. Each is hand-numbered and signed by Kevin. Beautiful cover art by Andrew Vastagh.

track listing:

1/ Louisiana Snow


There it was all laid out on the ground
Piled up on the pine tree limbs, and still coming down
Cars out on the street moving slow
Looking out at Louisiana snow

Sledding down the levee on a cardboard box
Wearing my hightop shoes and 3 pairs of socks
Feeling good though I could not feel my toes
Walking home through Louisiana snow

Power lines are down tonight
No evening news, no Christmas lights
but the transistor radio still plays

Little town of Bethlehem,
Peace on earth, good will to men,
I hear the church bells ringing far away

There it was all laid out on the ground
Covering my daddy’s car, and still coming down
It will all be gone before we know
Looking out at Louisiana snow

©Kevin Gordon(Little Rain Music/BMI)/Gwil Owen(Turgid Tunes/BMI)

2/ Crazy Mixed Up World (alt. take)