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November Descending a Downspout: WXNA/Family Wash/On the Road

Happy November to you. Woke up to gray skies and light rain yesterday; the gray is hanging on this morning. It’s still a beautiful world out there, especially when seen through all those clean windows I’ve been working on, ha ha. The big ash tree in the front yard is still holding most of its leaves, which in the last few days began turning a brilliant shade of yellow. 

photo by Gina Frary Bacon.

photo by Gina Frary Bacon

WXNA: I had great fun last Saturday, playing with Paul Burch, Garry Tallent, Heather Moulder, and Justin Amaral; we did a whole set of Chuck Berry songs at the Basement as part of a fundraiser for a great radio station, WXNA. Garry, in addition to being a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band for the last 46 years or so, as well as a successful producer (some of you know that GT produced my first record for the Shanachie label, Cadillac Jack’s #1 Son), released a very fine solo record of his own this year, Break Time.

KG on WXNA: This coming Friday, Nov. 3, at 6 pm CST, I’ll be on-air on WXNA with Heather Lose, talking about various musical matters re: KG. Listen in–from right there on the home page! I’ll probably play something live from the new record. 

One matter to talk about now, and on the radio Friday, is my upcoming show with Steve Poltz and Stuffy Shmitt at the Radio Cafe just up the road in Inglewood, this Saturday night, Nov. 4, starting at 7 pm. I’ll be in trio formation, joined by Ron Eoff and Tommy Perkinson. Fun for the whole 21-and-over family, folks—I’ll go on at 9, but come early for the whole dang deal.  

I don’t know the details regarding his recent departure from The Family Wash, but things will certainly be different without Jamie Rubin‘s presence. As others have pointed out in various social media posts, he has made an incredibly positive impact on East Nashville, starting out in a former laundromat (hence the name) three blocks down the street from my house, on a corner that at the time was still a commercial “frontier.” When people ask me about my neighborhood’s growth over the last two decades, I usually say that if you had told me, when my wife and I first moved into our house in October of ’95, that we’d soon (well, by 2002) be able to enjoy a pint of Guinness (and a lot more!) within walking distance of home, I’d have laughed out loud. (The nearest restaurant when we moved over here served what could be politely(?) referred to as “prison cuisine.”) The Wash quickly became my favorite place to play–and hang. I met Peter Wolf there. My pal Audley Freed introduced me to his friend “Chris” one night–who certainly didn’t look like a rock star–in fact I’m really really glad I didn’t pipe up with the stupid question then on the tip of my tongue: “So are you a crew guy with the band?” I was talking with Chris Robinson, singer for Black Crowes and now the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Sometimes I’m convinced there is a saving grace . . . that helps keep even my mouth shut at the right time. Most of us locals have adapted to the larger, fancier digs of the new location, but the vibe of the place has always been one of a family business (even if the name didn’t contain “Family”), so when a prominent “family” member and the originator of said business departs, it will inevitably leave a tangible void. Mr. Rubin, my friend: THANK YOU.

Upcoming shows include dates in the northeast, Nov. 15-19; St. Louis, and Macomb IL Dec. 1-2, Birmingham AL Dec. 14, and Pensacola FL on Dec. 15. And a special Christmas Eve-eve show at Byron’s in Pomeroy, IA on Dec. 23! See the tour page for details.

Okay, I’m keeping this one brief, but don’t worry; I’ll have much more to say SOON.  



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