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Sponsorship Campaign Ends TONIGHT / Rolling Stone, Mountain Stage, and Other Good News

June 15, 2018

From the Time is Fleeting Department:

The sponsorship campaign for “Tilt and Shine” has been an incredible success. I’m extremely grateful to all of you who’ve participated; more exclusive material will be added to the sponsor page very soon. Remember that the campaign ends TONIGHT, June 15. In my silly video from yesterday I said “midnight central time” for the deadline, but let’s just say: when the bars close, k? Ha. If you haven’t seen the video, I’ll embed it below. Due to my “inner Scorsese”, what was supposed to be a “casual” sorta thing turned into 5+ hours involving very colorful language, offset with, thank goodness: the ability to laugh at myself. I’ll be doing more of this video stuff–if only because I’ll get better at it the more I do it.

I need a haircut. I need an eye exam, and new glasses. A new hat. But it’s been nothing but big ol’ long busy days around the central office here. When at least two friends tell you you need an intern for the sake of your sanity, I suppose I need to heed their wisdom. But at this point, I’m doing it all. Not really in a writing “zone”, so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything–I still think about new songs, and unfinished bits, every day. But right now it’s about the follow-through–serving the music that has already been made–trying to get the new album out there to as many people and places as possible. And in the midst of all the action around the office, good things are happening, hoorah:

1) I, along with my usual band of troublemakers, will be playing NPR’s Mountain Stage on Sunday, July 29! I’m very excited about this–I played it years ago and still have vivid memories. Trouble was, last time, we happened to be playing on SuperBowl Sunday . . . so what would have been a usually crowded theater was, that day, mostly empty chairs without much positive affirmation to offer. But still, knowing that the show was recorded for radio, you had to ACT as if you had 300 people in front of you. Wasn’t much of a problem–doing the show was such a thrill that my adrenaline was peaking anyway. Of course if you can be in Charleston, WV for the show, we’d love to see you. But it will be broadcast at a later date–I’ll fill you in on that when I know more.

2) Rolling Stone recently featured a track, “Saint on a Chain” from the new record, “Tilt and Shine“, as one of their Ten Best Country & Americana Songs of the Week. You can stream the track, and read what they had to say about the song here:

3) Also, “Saint” is now streamable on Spotify (, and is available for download at iTunes(, Apple Music( other online digital outlets.

4) We will be making a “real” video for “Saint on a Chain” in the very near future. Details forthcoming. Though I wanted to shoot it in Monroe, LA, budget and schedule have changed that location to right here in Nashville. By the way, we’ll need use of a car that dates to 1980-90, and some people (who need not necessarily date to the early 90s). Things like this are what sponsorship funds make possible.

5) So pleased to be bringing the quartet to two great festivals next weekend: Summerfest in Milwaukee, on Friday, June 29, and FitzGerald’s 37th Annual American Music Festival in Berwyn, IL, on Saturday, June 30. Check festival sites for schedules; this is gonna be fun!

6) Don’t forget our record release show at City Winery Nashville on Friday, July 27! Two of my favorite artists, Ben de la Cour, and Shannon McNally, will play opening solo sets. If you can make it, get your tickets now! (

Hope you’re having a great summer! See you soon!





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