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For those of you wandering over here after downloading tracks or just seeing the feature on NoiseTrade, thanks for coming by. I post here not as frequently as the marketing department says I should, and the same goes (to a greater extreme) with email–possibly once a month. That’ll pick up a little as we get closer to releasing the new record–but fear not, spam-averse music lovers (who just supplied your email address in exchange for 40 minutes of 4/4 time); I try not to talk unless I have something to say.

I’m doing a residency over at The 5 Spot, here in my beloved 37206, on the first 3 Thursdays in May: the 7th, 14th, 21st. Each easily divisible by 7, and easy on the wallet. 6-8pm; if you’re in town, come on down. Til then I’ll be out on the interstate practicing my driving skills again; special focus on evasive maneuvers. Or around the house here, banging on shit that’s broken, in the vain hope that through divining some mystical combo platter of profanity-chant and sweat and dumb luck, all will be made right and good around “the estate.”  On an unrelated note (ha ha), though I’m not playing it this year, you just might find me in New Orleans next week during Jazz Fest.

Happy Thursday–



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