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What a weekend: KG w/Jeffrey Foucault in Nashville, and w/Todd Snider on the road

Happy Friday to you,

Apollo and I just got back from our morning walk, a mile and a half in pretty thickly humid air for 8:30 a.m. He’s currently stationed over an A/C vent in the floor, panting; I’m hitting the coffee and the water hard. Got a big day ahead, and a busy weekend.

Tonight, I urge all of you who happen to find yourselves in Nashville to join me at City Winery; I’ll be opening for Jeffrey Foucault, and his incredible ensemble which includes Billy Conway on drums, and Eric Heywood on guitars and steel. We had a great night in Atlanta on Wednesday, and I expect tonight to be just as magical. This doesn’t happen to me often–standing at the back of a quiet, full room, listening to someone play, and having that music washing over you making you feel like anything is possible–that possibility in your life is as infinite as the sky. Seems like that’s one thing good music can do, and Jeffrey, Billy, and Eric certainly made me feel that way with what they were puttin’ down at Eddie’s Attic the other night. I would urge you to attend this show even if I weren’t on the bill–but I am–opening at 8pm. Doors open at 6pm, I believe, though you might want to confirm with the venue. I’m really looking forward to opening this show, and to hearing these guys play again. Great songs and sublime musicianship presented in a loose, fun, and “real” way. Like it oughta be.


Tomorrow morning I get on the tour bus with Todd Snider and several other musical pals, including Rorey Carroll, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Elizabeth Cook, and the mighty Grifter, Paul Griffith. We’re taking “Todd Snider’s East Nashville Revue” to Black Mountain, NC tomorrow night at Pisgah Brewing Co., then on to Charleston Music Hall in Charleston, SC for a show on Sunday. The shows will feature sets by Rorey, myself, Aaron, Elizabeth, Todd, and lastly the big beast, The Eastside Bulldogs. To say that anything could happen is, in this case, no understatement. I’m thrilled to be a part of this wild ride–hope to see you there!

Thanks to all of you who made last weekend’s CD sale such a big success! There will be more sales coming up, so stay tuned.

Have a great weekend–



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