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2024 Pre-sale Campaign is NOW!


I’ll keep this brief, because y’all know the drill. Joe V. McMahan and I have made another full-length release, and I am genuinely FIRED UP about it! Joe, once again, has done a great job as producer–letting me be me, but as always, bringing fresh elements to the sound. There’s much more to talk about, and I will, in the weeks ahead.

Getting any product out there these days requires a big effort, some capital, and more than a stroke of luck to have much impact in a world overly “blessed” with media content coming at us from every angle on all screens 24/7/365. Your advance purchase of the record and other assorted items floats the boat–pays for manufacturing, and promotion to try to get the exposure that I think this record deserves. Right now, we’re just a few remixes away from having all the tracks ready. The idea is to release 2, possibly 3 singles a month or so apart, then drop the whole album. As partners in the pre-sale, you’ll be privy to advance info about it all–and get to hear it before anyone else! Here are some options for participation–and if you have something in mind that’s not here, let me know––I’m totally open to building a special package for you!

LEVEL 1: the basic digital deal . . . a pre-release download of the album! $16 


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LEVEL 2: One signed CD & download delivered before the official release date. $25 


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LEVEL 3: Vinyl up! One signed LP and download. (Because of the volatility of the vinyl manufacturing process, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have LPs available pre-release. But you’ll have that download to savor–) $40 


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LEVEL 4: Merch and music–one t-shirt in your desired size, one CD. $50 


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LEVEL 5: Shirt plus vinyl plus download–$65 


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LEVEL 6: Multi-format buffet! One signed CD, one signed LP, and a pre-release download of the album. $75 


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LEVEL 7: CD, vinyl, download, and t-shirt. $100 


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LEVEL 8: An up-close and personal solo one-hour Zoom show for you and your pals. $300 


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LEVEL 9: Solo house concert within 500 miles of Nashville. $1000 


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LEVEL 10: Trio house concert within 500 miles of Nashvillle. $2500 


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LEVEL 11: Freestyle! Build your own custom package–price is variable, of course. (email us!

Also, look for bonus items in the coming months, available to sponsors first, that you can purchase separately.

Prices include packaging and shipping to US addresses; International, please inquire–

Want to help cut down on our expenses? Instead of the links above, you can Venmo me directly @KevGo-1, or send payment via Zelle using this email address: (don’t forget that middle “g”!). Just include a note with payment or send a separate email to, and specify what level package you want. If you prefer, you can send a check to: Kevin Gordon Music, P.O. Box 60493, Nashville, TN 37206. U.S. currency only, please.

The fine print: To state the obvious–you are participating in a PRE-sale campaign, which means of course that you are buying these items before they are available. We will keep you posted re: shipping/release dates. Being that this is also a campaign to fund the production of the new release, no refunds will be given. If any of the package items need to change, you will be notified and whatever is substituted will be of equal or greater value than the original item.

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. please email me directly:

THANK YOU for your enduring and motivating support, material and otherwise. I could not do this without YOU.