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Salvage and Drift, Vol.1

For a year I went through boxes and piles of unreleased recordings, putting together a group of tracks that work on their own, and with each other, to illuminate my own creative process (via home recordings and studio demos) or just let you in on a really good time (live tracks). Volume 1 contains tracks dating from 1994 to 2009. In future volumes I hope to go back farther. The idea is to let you hear a little more from me, not only in releasing a new studio record more than once every five years, but also in sharing some things that lead to, or beyond, those records.

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Track listing:
1/ The Big O (studio demo, 1994)2/ Find My Way (home demo, Dec. 2004)3/ Illinois 5 a.m. (live, Berwyn IL, Oct. 2005)

4/ Crowville (home demo, July 2007)

5/ Casino Road (live, Chicago IL, Nov. 2006)

6/ X-Country Promo (live in-studio, Washington DC, Nov. 2005)

7/ Joey & Clara (home demo, ca.1992-94)

8/ Jimmy Reed is the King of Rock n’ Roll (live, Chicago, Nov. 2006)

9/ City of Refuge (live, Bethlehem PA, Oct. 2009)

10/ Looking for the Light (home demo, Dec. 2004)

11/ Miss Froggie (live, Chapel Hill NC, 2002)

12/ Home Anyway (home demo, Nov. 2007)

Total time: approx. 40 minutes