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Forty-five pounds, pit mix. No rare breed around these parts. A scrapper, a scrounger. Queen of the side-eye. Default expression when photographed: scorn. Aura: glowering. Short legs. Post-litter paunch. Smooth black coat; some white in her face added a few more years than she’d lived. White chest mottled with black. Comically expressive ears, like those of […]

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KG September Update

Hi folks, To state the obvious: it’s been too long. I just discovered yesterday that a post I wrote in July never actually made it onto the site. But as most of you know, I’ve had other things going on. I finished treatment for throat cancer almost three weeks ago, and the news is good! […]

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KG/Iguanas Tour Rocks & Rolls On: Chicago Tonight!

TONIGHT (3/31): Rockin’ it again with the legendary Iguanas tonight in Chicago! City Winery, baby. 8pm start. Yours truly begins the proceedings, with the Iguanas backing me supremely for my set, then they’ll play their own. Let’s fill this room! Tickets still available, kids, and it’s a beautiful night to get out amongst other three-dimensional […]

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