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TX in TN, August in July

It is downright otherworldly out there. Outside with the dogs for a brief dogs-kill-the-cardboard-box-then-human-cleans-it-all-up interlude, it’s easy to imagine things just burning, drying into dust. Over 100 degrees here in Nashville yesterday, after a July full of August weather; high temps consistently above 90. More of same today. Wow. Texas summer in Tennessee.  The neighborhood […]

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Salvage & Drift, Volume 1

Just go with it. After weeks of gnashing of teeth, etc., worrying about finding the “right” title for this compilation of odds and ends, I finally put my boot down, dammit, and decided I’m going to call it what I want to call it. It might not make sense to you, but it does to […]

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humidity, humility, and heat

This  morning found me up at 6 to feed the dogs, then back in bed, where I read a little more of Dante’s Inferno. It has a cooling effect. (The further in I get, the more it resembles life here on Earth; Virgil leads Dante up Gallatin Road on a hot July evening.) Took the […]

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from the legacy hotel

Had a great time at the White Water Tavern–though it seems a huge sporting event (the one without the obnoxious horns) drew some of the crowd away from this particular throwdown. This happens more often than I like. But even I was captivated by the last 5 minutes of the game–the only 5 minutes of […]

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