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AMA week, so far

Been a great week here in Music Business City. Perfect weather for anything, including the Americana Music Association’s annual Festival/Conference. I’ve done little business, but have made some music–and that continues tonight and tomorrow with two quartet shows: tonight I’ll be playing the Family Wash along with Amelia White and Margo Price; Saturday afternoon I’ll be at Grimey’s Americanarama at 2 pm.  Hope to see you there, if you’re around these parts. We’ll be doing a few new songs that have been recorded for the new project, as well as  . . . who knows?

As is usual with a Todd Snider gig,  I had no idea of what was going to happen beforehand, other than having been invited to sit in on Down to the Well at The Cannery on Wednesday night. At soundcheck that afternoon, though, it became apparent that I would sit in with the band for pretty much the entire set. Such a pleasure–Todd, Dave Schools, Jesse Aycock, Duane Trucks, and Chad Staehly of Hard Working Americans put me completely at ease. So did the large and enthusiastic crowd. Great fun to have Elizabeth Cook and other friends Jeff Austin and Vince Herman up there with us, too. Last night I went down to the Wash to see my friend Amy McCarley play a set, accompanied by Joe V. McMahan. Got there early and heard a great set by The Smoking Flowers; Amy and Joe followed with terrific performances of songs from her new release, Jet Engines, produced by Kenny Vaughan. My old friend Jeff Black silenced the room (which can often be a little chatty) with his timeless songs and impeccable delivery, and Kim Richey and Mando Saenz closed–two great singer-songwriters who can really sing–and when they sang together . . . well, I’m not sure I can put it into words. Stark raving beautiful? At least.

Upcoming shows in Louisville, KY(opening for the mighty Government Cheese), Ashland, VA and Huff’s Church, PA! 

Happy weekend, wherever you may be–



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