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Gloryland update/just-added shows

Hi folks, Just a brief update here before returning nose to grindstone: to date we have raised $3921.26 in the Gloryland sponsorship campaign! Many thanks to all you contributors–the positive energy has been so great; I’m very psyched to get this record OUT!  For those of you who don’t know about the campaign, just click […]

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Happy Friday and other suggestions

Happy Friday– this must be a record for me, actually blogging two days in a row. Maybe I’m just tapping on this microphone to see if this thing’s really on. Can you hear me? I’ve got windows open; it’s sunny out. The starlings came back this morning(I didn’t think they migrated?); also saw a pair […]

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South by St. Patrick’s Day (SXSP)

I started my St. Patrick’s Day festivities early, having consumed two 24 oz. Smithwick’s as the clock leaned over from last night to this morning, 11:59 to 12 double-naught while I talked 40 and age and younger women last night with a good friend over a varnished bar and the Rolling Stones. So today I […]

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Thursday will feel like Friday

Hi all, I’m dragging guitars and amps up to the front door, throwing my rags in a bag, filling my tank with what MUST be very fine gasoline (at these exquisite prices), and otherwise getting ready for 3 shows coming up: Johnson City, TN(with Stephen Simmons); Ashland and Harrisonburg, VA(w/Stephen Simmons, and Last Train Home). […]

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