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Happy New Year (January 30)

Yes, I know that I should be blogging every day, throwing new content at you, the beloved listener, relentlessly. But the fact is, I don’t believe in just posting in order to post–call me a traditionalist, but I still think it’s about quality over quantity. Yeah, I’m picky; this much is true. And the ideal solution is to be sending out great stuff all the time. I suppose I’m working on it; that’s what kept me busy (and away from the internet). It has been a busy month here, staying off the road til early February. I’ve been writing songs like a madman–trying to figure out what to release next, and how. I can promise you there will not be another six-year gap between records! I have quite a few new songs that are set in my home-ground, north Louisiana, and there are links between them. Which is a good thing. So, I’ll keep on polishing that crystal ball til I can see through the damn thing and move forward. So much of the writing, at least for me, is about receiving–listening for what’s next. Which is exactly opposite of what you probably want from your live performer–you want someone with ego, seizing those reins, going in a clear direction. It makes for a great show. But not always a great song. I love both sides–it’s just as exhilarating to write something that feels good, as it is to play it in front of an audience. And the two experiences feed each other: playing new songs live can make obvious what needs to be fixed–for me, usually it’s a lyric edit–a line that doesn’t sing as smoothly as I thought it did while sitting in the back room here, staring at the mud puddle that is my backyard. And the writing eventually points a way forward to the next recording, to the next set list, to what I’ve heard referred to as a “new honeymoon”. The next big thing . . .

Lots of tour dates coming up–LA, Memphis, WV, PA, NY, Boston, and a long-awaited return to Ashland Coffee & Tea in Ashland, VA. And that’s just February. Check the tour page on the site for details. Very excited to be a part of Todd Snider’s “What the Folk” series; I’ll be on the show in NYC on March 8, and in Alexandria VA on March 9, with Todd, and my other pals Elizabeth Cook and Chuck Mead. More details at

What the Folk poster

I’ll also be opening a show for Todd in Charlottesville, VA on Thursday, March 7. And then there’s Jazz Fest (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival) in May! More info on that and other dates, to come. As ever, thanks for your love and support: for listening, coming to the shows, buying the music, and spreading the good word. Connecting with you is what makes this meaningful. Oh yeah: happy new year!

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