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If you are looking for me on Amazon,

here’s a tip: I’m not the guy of the same name with the record titled The Titan Rise and Fall Part 1. I mean, go there if  you want–I honestly haven’t heard a note of that other Kevin Gordon’s music, but I did want to clarify the situation, because it seems that there are more than a few new and interested parties who are looking for me (and who are not involved in the criminal justice system), and I don’t want you to buy the wrong thing thinking we are one and the same Kevin Gordon. Here are the recordings I have made which are for sale on Amazon and other places on these here innerwebs:

Gloryland, o Come Look at the Burning, Salvage & Drift, Vol. 1, Louisiana Snow (rare 7″ vinyl 45), Down to the Well, Cadillac Jack’s #1 Son, Illinois 5 a.m.. Carnival Time (early recordings for the truly brave). If you have a question, email us at:  There are a few other Kevin Gordon’s out there entirely innocent of music-making, including a prison inmate in Kansas, an educational lobbyist in California, and a high school principal in Miami, who I think recently said he’d had enough . . .

In other news pertaining to this Kevin Gordon, Gloryland enters the Americana chart tomorrow at #37! Not too shabby. Especially since there are so many more Americana artists around since I last put out a full-length studio recording, in 2005. Hooray. Thanks to all of you at radio who have given this record so much early love. Thanks to all of you listeners and fans who’ve requested this KG from your local radio programmer.

We’re going to Louisiana this week and oh man it’s gonna be fun. Saturday, 2/11, we’re playing at Sundown Tavern in Ruston, celebrating my good friend Monty Russell‘s birthday, then after the gig there will be the usual full-on raid of the Russell’s refrigerator, for which we are generally forgiven. The Russells may be the only folks I know who love cooking at 3 a.m. for a bunch of semi-coherent boys-from-good-families who at that point in evening have lost 80% of their vocabulary but remain 110% hongry.  Breakfast rice! The words are beyond me, even now, but just know it’s fine fine fine. Maybe there will be butter-smeared photos provided for evidence at some point later. Sunday we go to Lafayette to play the Blue Moon Saloon, starting at 9pm. Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, we play New Orleans, at one of my favorite venues, Chickie Wah Wah, at 8pm. And that’s our official release date for Gloryland–what a perfect place in which to find yourself escorting your latest bride to the ball. If you find yourself in or near one of these locales, please do join Ron, Marty, and me; the beer is cold and the dogs rarely bite.

By the way, you can now download the free PDF Gloryland booklet, with lyrics, photos, liner notes, etc. Just go to the “Gloryland” page tab up above, click, and you’ll see it.

With love and many thanks–


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  1. Allen Lowe February 22, 2012 at 10:59 am #

    trying to reach Kevin Gordon in re: an American song project, amalgam of jazz and pop et al – please email me at the above –

    Allen Lowe

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