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KG and Sonny Landreth / KG at Americanafest / Them Changes

What’s important (the SHORT version)–KG Shows This Week:

Friday 9/6   WMOT “Finally Friday” broadcast   3rd & Lindsley   Nashville   1:30pm (solo)

Friday 9/6   City Winery   Nashville   8pm (band show with Sonny Landreth; presented by WMOT Roots Radio)   Tickets


Hi folks,

It’s been a while. Later than those in the marketing department would like, but better late than . . . . Anyway, I’ll be writing more next week, Scout-drop-out’s honor!

Nights: Wow, the last few nights have been weird. I guess there are certain periods in your life where external changes make themselves internally obvious, especially late at night—where one might sleep soundly for four hours, then wake with a jolt from some bizarro dream to stare at the ceiling for a while, or at the particular monochromatic cloud-vine image of late summer foliage, shadowed on the shut window-blind beside you. There’s a lot going on around here; nothing terrible, but all containing some form of generic adult anxiety and concern (and more of it than warranted, per usual). Last night when I woke up I could swear it was raining. But I knew that wasn’t true because the downspout right outside the window wasn’t making its usual thuck-thuck hydro-percussive noise. (I still picked up my phone and looked at the radar.) Next possibility: could it be a water leak in the basement (taking the anxiety level up a couple of gears)? Ended up deciding I was just hearing the ceiling fan, or more correctly, the noise of the fan and of the air it was moving. Fortunately it wasn’t that water leak . . . because I fell back asleep before getting motivated enough to get out of bed and check the basement.

Mornings: Easing out of summer so slowly—the light turning, (or more correctly: the earth tilting), mornings on the front porch today and the last few days have been perfect—the sun, after clearing the neighbor’s roof, rises at a perfect angle to shine across the east half of the front porch, and it keeps on climbing, right in there between the front edge of the roof and the ends of lower limbs and leaves of the giant ash tree, til it’s obscured by thicker green cover. Slight breeze, and a little cool. But the sun hot on my left arm, the right in the shade, holding the pen that’s scribbling this down.

The garden is still producing, though more ambivalent by the day; tomatoes slowing down; strawberries (which I don’t even expect by this point) occasionally producing a baby’s-thumb-sized fruit—which despite my having built a chicken-wire cage to cover, usually get massacred by some creature in the night. My field peas have done okay, though there’s that problem with legumes: you gotta plant enough to actually be able to harvest enough to cook at one time. Yes, freezing is an option, but fresh: yum. So, the volume ain’t what I’d hoped for, but I should’ve known to plant more. Different strategy next year. The jalapeños are rockin’—haven’t had such a good year for them in some time. But the usual weirdness: one or two plants are thriving, happy as can be, and the other four or five, well . . . not so much. Watermelons: total of zero. It’s been fun, but frustrating—because I usually travel more in the summer than other times of year, the tending that needs to be done during prime-time doesn’t always happen. Not that my kind of tending would necessarily reap positive results . . . .

Down to business: This Friday, September 6, I’ll be playing a big show here in Nashville at City Winery with fellow Louisiana native, the great Sonny Landreth. In addition to being one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met, he is also the absolute master of his distinctive style of guitar playing, which he invented—a virtuoso, in the truest sense of the word. So it’ll be a great north LA/south LA throwdown; two bands to make it one great show. And there’ll be a little surprise for you when my band and I take the stage. Gonna be fun! Hope y’all can make it—last time I checked, tickets were going fast, but still available. You can also catch me playing a short solo set as part of the WMOT “Finally Friday” live broadcast from 3rd & Lindsley earlier that afternoon; I go on at 1:30 pm. Listen live on WMOT, or come on down and join us in person.

Herbert Singleton(New Orleans); painted bas-relief carving on church door,
1993. High Museum, ATL

The other life: There’ll be a story about my endeavors in the visual art world in the next issue of The East Nashvillian, written by my friend and fellow troubadour (and one of my favorite songwriters and people in this town), Tommy Womack. Don’t know precisely when it’s coming out, but its arrival is imminent.

Americanafest: Yes, the annual my-growing-crowded-corner-of-the-music-biz whoop-dee-hooplah is coming; you have been warned, locals. Americanafest has grown exponentially over the last few years, and this time around I’m proud to be an official showcasing artist! You can hear me and the band at The Basement, on Saturday, September 14—I believe it’s a 7 pm show. The Basement remains one of my favorite local venues—it sounds really good in there, and it’s nice and dark and intimate. Earlier in the day I’ll be playing solo at the “Finely Tuned” day party at TN Brew Works, thrown by Blue Corn Music and Nick Loss-Eaton Media. Great folks are playing all day; I go on at 4:30 pm.

See you soon! Happy September! 



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