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weekend “Burning” CD sale

on sale now!

on sale now!

Happy Friday,

For those of you curious-about-yet-underexposed to the back catalog, FYI the “o Come Look at the Burning” CD is now on sale for just $10 through the weekend. Happy to sign them for you, if you so desire. Regular price: $15, so yes, the math looks pretty tasty. Produced by Joe V. McMahan and yours truly, “Burning” was recorded in the Spring of 2005, at the first location of McMahan’s Wow and Flutter studio in east Nashville, and released that October. That eerie cover photo (of a cane field being burned off) is by one of my favorite photographers, Louisiana native Debbie Caffery. For more info on this record, check out:

Yes, I’ve been quiet lately. Trying to write songs! Or more accurately, finish them. Some days it goes well; other days, well, it just goes. Otherwise, I’ve spent my time off being domestically managed by my two dogs, and painting the bathroom a really unfortunate shade of orange. And beating my head against the iMac, catching up on a year’s worth of bookkeeping. More forthcoming. And more paint, in a different shade.

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