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Fifteen days in–

Strand-Capitol Theater, York PA, 1/6/14

Strand-Capitol Theater, York PA, 1/6/14

Happy new year, everyone. If you’re reading this then you survived the holidays, physically at least. For this alone we should feel lucky. My year started with a bang; well, actually a 10-show solo tour, which doesn’t resemble anything like a bang. It added up to a very long way home, working my way back to Nashville from Des Moines along a 2212-mile path. Various minor & otherwise first-world plagues greeted me: snow, single-digit temps, insects (I thought it was too cold for that), cancellation of one show due to headliner’s illness. But the upside far outweighed the down—had great shows, met lots of nice folks, sat in with Todd Snider twice. I recorded a few of the shows with my wonderful little Tascam box; I’m going to sort through all of the material, and hopefully post a few things.

Before I go any further, I’ve just got to get this out: I have a big birthday coming up on Saturday—and I’m slowly getting used to the idea. But no matter what the number, I refuse to grow up. So there! I feel better now.

Okay, now, where was I . . . . Speaking of Mr. Snider, I’m really happy to hear there’s so much excitement about the Hard Working Americans record, which is released officially next Tuesday. Their version of “Down to the Well”(a song written by me and Colin Linden) was the first track released to radio, and apparently it’s doing really well. Hoorah! I’m flattered that a song I had a hand in making ended up on this record.

I started a post before Jan.1 in which I thanked lots and lots of folks by name for their support of my efforts in 2013, especially those of you who hosted a KG house concert, and otherwise welcomed me into your homes on nights off, etc. But the post ended up reading like the phone book; something I have trouble even finding anymore (they go right into the recycling bin around here), much less reading. So, forgive the blanket thanks, but it is sincere: to you “highway angels” who make the road a kinder experience through your generosity and care, for me and so many others, I thank you. I’m terrible about getting anything resembling a thank-you note into the mail, but there’s not a day when I don’t think about your kindness, and your enthusiasm for music that’s not spit out by (what’s left of) the big machine. Yeah, I’d write songs and play them even if nobody was listening, but it means a lot more with you in the picture. Music builds community (except in the case of YouTube comment wars)—across political, religious, and other cultural “lines”, so to my mind it is a very good thing. And I feel fortunate that music, and you listeners, are such a big part of my life.

And sponsors, I can’t thank you enough—you are making the next record a reality. We are now past the $10K mark, but will keep the campaign going in an attempt to raise as much as possible for the marketing side of the project. Again, if you or someone you know would like to know more about it, visit:   I’ll be posting an exclusive sponsor update in the next few days.

Shows coming up next week: Birmingham and Mobile AL; a house concert in New Orleans. Check the tour page for more details.




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  1. Larry January 15, 2014 at 7:58 pm #


    Ok, do tell, the birthday…is it..number…40? 45? Each post you write is so enjoyable, but also tweaks me (and I’m sure tons of others) to wonder, “when’s he coming back to my town!? Seems so long.”
    All the best, and better, to you and yours in 2014.
    Larry (in Chicago).

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