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from the legacy hotel

Had a great time at the White Water Tavern–though it seems a huge sporting event (the one without the obnoxious horns) drew some of the crowd away from this particular throwdown. This happens more often than I like. But even I was captivated by the last 5 minutes of the game–the only 5 minutes of the NBA season I caught this time around.  Kudos to Dylan and Jason for jumping in and playing–felt like we were always on the brink of disaster, and that made it all the more fun. I was getting a good tone–new strings on the Tele, and running thru Don Hamilton’s awesome blackface Deluxe and my little Epiphone Pathfinder.  Tonight we take it over to Hot Springs–I play first, at about 9:30, I think. My first time at Maxine’s; I hear it’s a great venue.

Now about to go eat barbecue at one of my favorite’s, Sims; this is day 1 of what’ll be 2 consecutive days of Q–tomorrow it’s McClard’s . . . and then who knows what kind of incredible things will be coming out of the Russells’ kitchen once I get down to Ruston on Sat. evening.

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  1. mark gerking June 20, 2010 at 11:23 pm #

    mulitple days of Q….alright! and great music…double alright!

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