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Gloryland campaign update, not-so-idle ramblings

The Gas Lamp, Des Moines, 11/5/11. Photo by Michael Swanger

Garden got killed off by a hard freeze last week. It’s a transitional vibe out there, all the yellow leaves fallen from the big ash tree at the front corner of the lot, under a different cast of lesser light–dark by 5, I don’t like it much. I’m back off of the road for another week and a half, back in the desk chair that slants with the slanting floor, listing to starboard and the wall. The house moves, floors bend, from 1927 to 2011, covertly and sinister slow. More time at the computer than at the guitar these days, which feels 1)wrong, and 2)necessary. Here’s a little update:

For you Gloryland sponsors, and for those interested in becoming a sponsor: the campaign will wind down at the end of November. We will then offer CD pre-orders, and other merch as it becomes available. Sponsors should start receiving their “thank you” rewards in December; I can’t say it enough: THANK YOU. Sponsors will receive exclusive news and info about the project via email–this will be in addition to the messages you might receive from being on the reverbnation list. (Though at an average of one email every other month, I don’t think anyone can accuse me of overstuffing their inbox.) I’ll soon be sending out an email to sponsors, asking for whatever information we might be missing (i.e.: your shirt size, if you are due a t-shirt) here at Chaos, Inc. that’s necessary to fulfill your order. All of this has taken much longer than I ever anticipated, and I thank you again for your patience. I am very excited about the record’s release; good things are happening which I hope to be able to talk about with you soon.

I want to play everywhere next year. Know of a great venue in your town, or a house concert series? A festival that’s a good fit? You can help by telling me about them, and, just as important: telling them about me. Help build that buzz!

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