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I See Texas (from a Little Rock hotel room)


Memphis to West Memphis

Memphis to West Memphis

Daylight always makes the questionable hotels look better. If the van’s still out in the parking lot w/all windows intact when I get out there this morning, it’s already a good day. Yes, I am grateful to be breathing and healthy; the continuing presence of the aging-yet-functional landsled is just whipped cream on the whole dessert pizza . . .

Had two fantastic shows with the quartet last weekend–at 2 of my favorite places: FitzGerald’s 34th Annual American Music Festival in Berwyn, IL, and Natalie’s in Columbus, OH. Thanks to all who attended, and to the venues for taking such good care of us.

Thrilled to be playing Texas again this week–check the tour page for details (or I know some of y’all get those pesky BandsInTown emails), but here’s the short n’ sweet version: tonight I’m at The Live Oak in Ft. Worth; Friday I’m playing a Gold Teeth Music house concert over in Dallas. Saturday I open for my old friend Kevin Russell, aka Shinyribs, at Floore’s Country Store down in beautiful Helotes, TX. Sunday I’ll be playing a little private shindig in very south Austin. Monday the 13th it looks like I might be hanging out and possibly sitting in for a song with my friend Mike Stinson, whose latest record I love, and who has apparently been playing Deuce & a Quarter live with his band for years. We/He will be at the Continental in Austin. On Wed. 7/15 I’ll be opening for Shinyribs again at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX. Hope to see you, friends–

The KG team got some GREAT news yesterday afternoon, which you’ll find out about soon enough. For now, the cat’s still in the bag; stay tuned.

Time for me to find my friend the luggage cart and be on my way southwest. See you out there–

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