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The big old ash tree in my yard

The big old ash tree in my yard

Happy Saturday, folks–here’s a recent interview I did with my friends at; check it out:

David Allen Coe‘s chicken that night was from Popeye’s; being from Louisiana, I felt it my birthright to scarf some of that bird for my own purposes . . .

This coming Friday, 2/13, I’ll be playing what is likely my final show at the original location of The Family Wash here in the 37206. It’s been fantastic having Guinness and shepherd’s pie 3 blocks from my house, but I’m excited for Mr. Rubin and co., and about their new location.

On Tuesday, 2/17, I’ll be playing Springfield MO for the very first time, at Nathan P. Murphy’s! Had a fun chat with Dr. Bob via phone last night, and I’m really looking forward to the show.

Getting ready for the Folk Alliance conference(see my previous post for more info) in Kansas City–which basically involves psychologically conditioning one’s self for singing without amplification in several different hotel rooms, usually after 2 a.m., for 20 minutes at a time. Fortunately it’s the same hotel where I’ll be sleeping (late). As I have said before: the only thing weirder than the music business is the folk music business. But last time I did it, in Memphis a few years back, I did have a great time. After four days of getting my folk aligned, I’ll be heading up to Sioux City, IA on Feb.21 to play a show at Vangarde Arts with my friend Amelia Whitean East Nash invasion, into the hinterlands of the very very Midwest. Let us hope for warmish weather . . .

Hope to see you out there on the road somewheres–and yes, the new release is in the final stages . . .

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