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“Jezebel” Released for Download on Bandcamp

A quick note here: “Jingle Bell Jezebel” is now available for your holiday listening pleasure via stream or download at my bandcamp page. Download it for a dollar; 50% of all proceeds from sales of this track will go to a local community outreach organization here in east Nashville called Give Me 10. Even if you are a sponsor of the new record and have downloaded it for free on the exclusive sponsor page, you can “gift” the track to folks on your not-too-naughty list via the bandcamp site.

The song was the last thing we recorded during the “electric” sessions for the new record–it’s always a pleasure to record with Paul Griffith, Ron Eoff, and Joe McMahan, and we were ready to blow off some steam and celebrate with this one . . . yes, there’s probably a little bourbon in the mix. I wrote the song as a kind of challenge to myself–I’d had the title for a while . . . just decided to sit down toward the end of a break and make it happen! Shakespeare it ain’t, but it was never intended to be. Just four guys who’ve played together for almost 20 years, throwin’ down at the end of a good full day. Hope you dig it.

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