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KG on Concert Window TONIGHT(4/25) / NOLA next week and beyond

photo by Michael Roeder; Cedar Rapids, IA, Oct. 2018

I resist the television; I do. Though with Netflix, et al., there are now plenty of quality options if you do decide to bask in the drone from the corner of the sofa. Last week I watched the Beyoncé documentary about her 2018 Coachella show. By the end, I never wanted to hear another marching band drum line ever, but I do applaud her project of involving bands from HBCU (Historically Black College & Universities) in the show, and in general, what she was putting across. The production was huge; dang, Queen B, how do you remember all the words to those songs AND the choreography involved in presenting each one? (That’s likely a problem I won’t be encountering, personally.) Who’s really playing; who’s not? And her vocal–some of it pretty obviously lip-synced (b/c of the physicality of the dance routines, at least)–but some definitely live. How do you keep THAT straight? Again, something I don’t need to worry about for my own endeavors.

Speaking of big shows, there’s one happening tonight, friends–right here in my dining room! From your browser, tune into Concert Window, at ; I’ll start playing at 7 pm CST, and who knows how long I’ll go–the CW site says most people play for 30 minutes–I can’t imagine playing less than twice that long. So tune in–“tickets” are “pay what you want”–it’s easy! And you get to witness MY production values, ha ha, such as they are, for a homegrown live broadcast. I’ll be watching the feed between songs, answering questions as they come up. Go ahead and request something–I’ll do it if I can! It’s my goal to start doing these CW shows more often–say every other month, if for no other reason than to get better at presenting what I do in this format. So, stay tuned, tonight and beyond.

For those of you in beautiful New Orleans next week, you can find me playing at Louisiana Music Factory, one of the best record stores anywhere, on Tuesday, April 30, at 1:30 pm. I believe our set is about an hour. Come on out and support your humble troubadour, who will indeed eat his way through the city before departure . . . if I ever leave, that is. Good thing I’ve started running again–going for a healthy balance, I guess . . .

A lot happening in the coming months–I’ll talk about that tonight during the show. Hope to “see” you then and there(here)!






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